June 10, 2019

Some of the wonderful perks of being connected with creative people around the world is being sent amazing fabric to sew with!! My lovely friend Sofie from WISJ lives in Belgium with her husband and two sweet daughters. I first 'met' Sofie when she tested one of my patterns.  I quickly became a fan of her style and sewing.  Sofie makes gorgeous patterns too!  But today I am talking about her first line of fabric created in conjunction with About Blue Fabrics!  Sofie's four designs are titled 'Home' and are printed in lovely French Terry.  You can see the four prints and read more about it here.  The fabrics are now available in many online shops.

When Sofie asked if I would like to participate promotion this week I chose this print called 'Fog carbon grey'.  The colours are lovely and I would describe the little stripes as peachy cream coloured.  It's certainly a unisex print and I have seen some great examples already on Insta for girls and guys.  I decided to use the first piece (one metre x 1.4 metre width) to make myself an Issie top.  

I love it! It came together very quickly with my overlocker and my girls were quick to notice my new top and compliment me on it.  The waistband is a bit tighter than if made by ribbing so I would recommend adding width of around 2cm to the foldline if you happen to want to make an Issie  (women's) from this fabric.  From the 1 metre piece I have some small scraps leftover - enough for some baby hats or bibs for one of my baby nephews.

Warning, hand in the hair shot below...yes I felt ridiculous but the photo turned out ok, aside from me missing an elbow...

Thanks so much Sofie and About Blue Fabrics for the gorgeous fabric.  Pop back on Wednesday when I will be sharing the other garments I made the girls with the confetti print!

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