in the folds - peplum top

September 14, 2018

Today was 23 degrees (C)! We have had a long winter and it was so nice to have a sunny day!  I wore my freshly made In the folds peplum top.  I shared a sneak peek of this top on IG earlier this week.  This lovely pattern is free! Made by Emily from In the folds for Peppermint magazine.  The design is lovely - a flared top with peplum frill and a V shaped neckline at the back.  The neckline and armholes are finished with a bias hem.

I used this Cloud9 print I fortunately picked up at my local op shop a few months ago.  The top is quite short and I think I will add a few centimetres in length next time - perhaps 2cm to the top and 1cm to the frill.  But it also looks nice just like this.  The sizing is different to other sizing I have seen.  It is alphabetised ( I am guessing in attempt to cross size barriers!).  I chose size C based on my measurements which I think fits me well.

Softer fabrics like rayon and lawn would look lovely too as they would drape more than my cotton.

Emily has drafted more lovely patterns for us to enjoy, including a jumpsuit, skirt and dress that all look fabulous! 

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  1. The top looks lovely on you Suz. I just love the back! I muslined this top last summer but didn't like it on me. I think I will give it another go this summer, and perhaps size down and lengthen it.

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