August 17, 2018

I am on an Issie top roll...this is the second one I have gotten around to photographing.  I shared a pic of this one on Instagram but wanted to get some outdoor photos to show it off better.  I lucked out when  I found some rusty coloured French terry fabric at my local op shop a couple of weeks ago.  At first, I saw it and didn't buy it.  I left the shop thinking it was not a pretty colour.  A couple of days later I went back and bought it.  Paired with pink cuffs, neckband and waistband, now I love the colour!

For this top, I chose the double ruffle option.  I have worn this top so many times already and have had lots of comments. 

It's super comfy and easy to wear.  I just wish I had some leftovers to make one for one of my girls!

Have you got your copy of the Issie pattern yet? You can buy it on it's own or in a bundle with the kids pattern (both in English and in Dutch).

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  1. oooh wauw I love this one. I must admit that I didn't like the children Issie that much (the ruffles were too big in my eyes (don't worry I'm just not a real ruffle person) but I like them on adults. I will add this pattern to my birthday list (can't buy anything for myself anymore before my birthday, that's a rule at our house to avoid double things)


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