Issie dress

July 08, 2018

You might have seen on Instagram that I am currently working on expanding the Issie top pattern.  While the current pattern gives measurements for extending the top into a dress, I feel that sewers tend to prefer having the actual pattern pieces so that they are more likely to achieve a good result.  So for this 'Issie dress', I lengthened the flared top and cinched the waist in with some 6mm elastic on the inside of the dress. 

I love the result!  I found this navy stretch fabric at the op shop a few weeks ago.  It's the perfect fabric for a winter dress.  This dress features the Rose collar (designed by Mijke from Sew it Curly) and it's such an elegant addition.  Mijke is helping with some other Issie pattern developments too!

The new Issie pattern will feature the dress option as well as three new ruffle options! I have tried them all out and am looking forward to showing you more later this week.

Owners of the Issie top pattern will receive the update for free and I hope you will find the pattern will be even more versatile offering so many options!

Love this girl!

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