July 02, 2018

Today is the beginning of the Finch dress pattern tour.  This week, 12 ladies will share their dresses using the latest sewpony pattern.  Until Saturday 7th July, you can receive 20% off the Finch dress pattern (now also available in Dutch) by using the code: FINCHFRIENDS.  Apply at checkout.  Click HERE FOR ENGLISH, and HERE FOR DUTCH.  Today Daisy, Jill, Katrien and Zoe are sharing their gorgeous Finch dresses!

Daisy from Molemieke is a beautiful sewer and her daughter Femke is just gorgeous.  Daisy lives in Belgium with her husband and two children and I have been lucky enough to have her along for testing, pattern tours and also to have her as a valuable member of the sewpony team.  She made a stunning three quarter sleeve dress for Femke.  See more here.

Jill from Kneesocks and Goldilocks is one of my big sewing inspirations.  She is a busy Mum of four children and sews amazing clothes for them, but mostly for her daughter June and also for herself.  She turns every creation into magic with her beautiful photos and her gorgeous sewing.  The pink linen Finch dress she made is June is to die for!!! See more on her IG page here.

Katrien blogs and sells patterns at Kaatjenaaisels.  She sews gorgeous clothes for her daughter and for herself.  She has created many successful patterns and today she is sharing a Finch hack she made for Hanne.  Beautiful and summery in white.  See more here.

Zoe shares her creations on her IG account and blog.  I discovered her account a few weeks ago and she makes amazing things!! She lives in Kuala Lumpur but is from Belgium.  These photos were taken in Japan...yes, jealous!  See more of this dress over at Zoe's IG account.

Thank you Daisy, Jill, Katrien and Zoe!  See the links below for the tour line up!

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