thrifted finch dress

June 16, 2018

I think you know by now that I love sewing with thrifted fabrics.  I especially love pattern testing with thrifted fabrics because there is no financial risk if the pattern doesn't turn out the way I wanted. During pattern testing for the Finch dress pattern, I made this sleeveless version for Juliette from a thrifted table cloth!.  I liked the small floral print and the colours and could see it as a dress. 

The weather here has taken a serious turn into winter this week, but fortunately I took these photos last weekend when it was reasonably mild and I wasn't subjecting Juliette to cruel conditions asking her to pose for me!

The keyhole at the back of the dress is one of my favourite parts.  Pretty yet practical as it allows the dress to easily be pulled over the head. 

Here you can see the elastic sits up a little bit.  The final pattern has included modifying the shape of the elastic casing to curve down slightly to make it look straighter when worn.

You can buy the Finch pattern HERE.  It will soon also be available in Dutch.

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