May 11, 2018

I hope you have enjoyed tuning in to the Jeune twin set IG tour. Today I am presenting a round up of all the posts to enjoy them all in one place.  For the next 24 hours you can still receive 10% off the purchase price with the code JEUNETOUR. You can purchase the pattern in English or Dutch HERE.


Talk about amazing!! This stunning set was made by Angie @angie.burgett for her equally stunning daughter Joni.  Angie lives in the US and sews and knits beautiful things.  Her account over on IG is inspiring.  Angie incorporated three rows of elastic at the waist which gives such a nice effect.  This technique was in fact on my first draft for the Jeune pattern, but I found it labour intensive and wanted this pattern to appeal to beginners, so I went for the simpler one row of elastic with a frill effect with the top stitching at the top.  Beautiful sewing Angie thank you!

Barbara from @walliba_handmade... lives in Germany.  I discovered her when I found a gorgeous Issie top she made over on IG.  Her sewing is stunning and I love this set she made her daughter.  This is the first time I have seen the tie collar tied in a bow - doesn't it look sweet. Thank you Barbara!

Tine sews beautiful things for her gorgeous little toddler. Find her account on IG @tineadriaens.  She made a gorgeous blue fish twin set for her daughter. I love the big buttons and top stitching she incorporated in the back.  Thank you Tine!

Cassy sews for her three sweet daughters and for herself.  She used blue and white seersucker to create a gorgeous Jeune top.  Paired with wooden buttons, this top is beautiful!  Isn't her daughter sweet?  Follow Cassy to see more photos.  Thank you Cassy!

Gorgeous striped set by Chelise @threadsewingschool @chelisepatterson lives in Arizona in the US with her husband and three kids.  She made this great Jeune set for her youngest daughter. This set really reminds me of the clothes I used to wear as a little girl. I think it's the multi coloured stripes!! Thanks Chelise! 

Courtney from @sweeterthancupcakesblog lives in the US and makes gorgeous clothes for her two daughters and also for herself.  She takes great photos too.  This eyelet Jeune top looks perfect with the blue skirt.  Thank you Courtney!

Isabelle @isabelledelaere lives in Belgium and sews great stuff for her son and daughter. Isabelle has sewn up many of my patterns and I really love her style!! For the tour, she made two great twin sets.  Make sure to follow her account to see more photos and find her other set! Thank you Isabelle:)

Isa @_beletoile_ is from Belgium and loves to sew for her daughters Nova and Sterre.  She has also sewn up several of my designs and always does a great job! She has also released her own sewing patterns.  The Vienna dress and Isa sweater are two of my favourites! Thank you Isa!

Laura from @titchythreads and the blog Craftstorming is joining a sewpony tour for the first time!  Since Laura now has a daughter to sew for, she can have fun sewing dresses and skirts!! Laura is a very talented pattern designer and designs great patterns under her titchy threads label.  Her daughter Willow looks like she loves her new outfit! Thank you Laura!

Laurence shares her sewing at @b_l_a_n_c_h_e_85.  She lives in Belgium and sews great clothes for her kids.  Her IG account is full of beautiful photos.  And guess what, Laurence has just released her first line of fabric named Blanche along with Mon Depot.  Laurence made a knit Jeune top which looks great with the pretty apricot skirt. Thank you Laurence!

Marleen shares her sewing at @petrolandmint.  I have been a big fan of Marleen's for years and she has graciously accepted all of my requests to join my pattern tours! She makes gorgeous clothes for her three sweet daughters and also great clothes for herself.  A pretty pink Jeune top with lawn skirt (I love that fabric!).   Thank you Marleen!

I discovered Miet's account @mietaertsen only recently and was very happy to see what she would make with the Jeune pattern.  She sewed a lovely blue linen top to match with some pants. Isn't it lovely? Make sure to follow Miet's account for more inspiration.  Thank you Miet! 

Polly @mypetitesophie made the most amazing Jeune hack from a recycled men's shirt.  She added some gathered sleeves to create a completely different look.  I have consulted with Polly about how she did this - since incorporating such a sleeve into the existing pattern is near impossible since the top is fully lined. Polly opted for neck and back facings and made the top unlined.  I really want to try this simple but very effective hack.  Thanks for the inspiration Polly!

Sofie from @wensje_sofie lives in Belgium with her husband and two daughters.  She sews mostly for her toddler Jente.  She sewed up an amazing stiped set for her which I just love.  Bold and fun! Both pieces would look great on their own with other garments too.  Follow Sofie for more inspiration! Thank you Sofie!

I hope you have been inspired to sew up your own Jeune twin set!

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