May 06, 2018

Today I am sharing a Jeune twin set I made Emily during testing.  I live a few minutes away from Spotlight - an Australian (chain) fabric store.  Spotlight stock a lot of lovely fabrics like Cloud 9, Birch and pretty Japanese lawns. Whenever I am there, I check the remnant bin! I have found lots of treasures in there.  A couple of weeks ago I found the fabrics for this set which were around $2 per piece.  I needed to test the half collar, so I made a set for Emily. 

When you are sewing the half collar, you will notice that the collar sits up without anchoring hand stitches beneath the collar.  This is because the collar is sewn into the shoulder seams which are dolman style so pull downwards, sending the collar up.  It is essential that you do not skip the blind hand stitching step to get your collar to sit flat.

I also made this set because I wanted to test the angled back option where the V is repeated at the neckline and hemline. I used thrifted buttons for the back closure.

Emily is the hardest of my girls to photograph as she would rather pull faces and poke out her tongue than take sensible photographs! I understand...posing for photographs is low on her priority list!

You can buy the Jeune pattern in English here and in Dutch here.  You can receive 10% off until May 12 with code JEUNETOUR.  Make sure you are following me on over on IG (@sewpony) as I am hosting a Jeune tour until this date.

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