jeune twin set # 2

April 10, 2018

Today I am sharing the second Jeune twin set I made using beautiful See you at six fabrics. I really wanted to try the fancy elastic banding that See you at six produce so ordered some along with Copper lines and Sansiviera from Maaidesign. Both are a beautifully structured cotton lawn. I LOVE See you at six fabrics..their new line has just come out too which is equally stunning.  These two fabrics pair so well together and the elastic matches perfectly with the skirt.  

To use this elastic, simply reduce the height of the skirt pieces by 6cm and attach with right sides facing.  The elastic is wide enough to accommodate a 1cm seam allowance and was designed this way.

Our indoor plant matched Issie's top so well it had to be a prop.  I am really happy I decided to paint one of our walls is a great backdrop for indoor photos! You can expect to see more of it as our weather starts to turn!

Isabella wore this set three days in a row and refused to put it in the wash basket...a win in my books!! She also loves wearing the top with jeans.

You can use the code JEUNERELEASE10 for 10% off the Jeune twin set pattern for the next 36 hours.

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