April 29, 2018

Today I am sharing my make with the lovely Isa pattern by Isabel from Bel'Etoile.  Isa is a lovely lady who lives in Belgium with her husband and two daughters.  Her first pattern, the Vienna dress, is one of my favourites!. The Isa pattern is a versatile pattern for creating gorgeous jumpers and dresses.  I knew my Isabella would be the perfect candidate for an Isa jumper/sweater as she loves to wear knit tops with jeans.

The Isa pattern offers many options.  The V can be continued all the way around the jumper/dress which lends itself to some creative colour-blocking. The pattern can also be used to make dresses - either a long jumper style dress or one with separate bodice and gathered skirt.

If you are choosing the V or colour block options, I highly recommend using only sweater style fleece.  With thinner fabrics, the V wrinkles and it is hard to achieve good points in the V shape.

An important thing to note with the Isa pattern is that seam allowances are NOT included. Generally I do not like having to add seam allowances as sometimes I forget, and also, I think it leaves patterns open to interpretation as I add seam allowances only by eye.

Isabella is very slim so I combined sizes to create this jumper.  She is only size 6-7 in the chest but is size 9 in height.   For this, I chose the size to fit the chest, then lengthened.

Thank you Isa for the pattern. It is lovely and I am sure Isabella will get lots of wear out of her new top!

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