The sewpony team!

February 17, 2018

Today I am really excited to introduce you to the first sewpony team!  I have thought about the idea of having a team for a while and decided to take the plunge and put out a call for anyone who might be interested.  Initially I thought four or five people joining me would be great...then I saw so many lovely applications, I decided to extend this number just a bit and now I have 14 wonderful people putting their hand up to join me in helping me through sewing, ideas, feedback, motivation and fun!
On the first of each month you will see some fun sewpony sewing from these ladies. So, in no particular order, here they are (ps...sorry for the less than perfect formatting of this post...thanks blogger).

Hi! My name is María and I am 38 years old. I live in Seville, Spain, with my husband and my two daugthers, Irene (9) and Elena (6). I work as a civil servant for the local government and I love to sew. I started sewing after my second maternity leave in 2012 and started blogging at “A ratitos perdidos” ( only in Spanish, sorry) a few months after. I love sewing kids clothes, costumes and accessories. I keep my finger crossed so that my girls will love hand made clothes in the future. When I became a teenager I refused the garments my mother sewed for my as they weren’t as trendy as store bought clothes. So I sew compulsively for my children as much as I can.

Hi. My name is Daisy and I am 34 years old. I live in Belgium with my husband and two kids, Jo (7) and Femke (6). I work part time as a carer and I love to sew in my spare time. I started sewing when Femke was wearing EU size 86 so i think it was at the end of 2012. I love sewing dresses, skirts and ruffles. I am very happy to be in the sewpony team and I would love to help bring on new pattern ideas and of course sew lots of sewpony dresses, tops and cardigans! I blog at Molemieke.

My name is Qwinta Van Ryckeghem, 37 years old. I live in Belgium. I'm a pediatrician specialized in Oncology and palliative care. This is so cliché, but after 8 years together, I married my high school sweetheart (2005). We have 3 daughters Amber 17, Rhune 9  and Cato 7. I can't sit still. My motto: "You only live once, so make the most of it!" I follow photography class to improve my skills and blog. I love knitting and crochet, but my passion is sewing. I have sewn for 8 years and it has given me the peace that I need in life. As you already know I am a big sewpony fan. I like to test and try out new patterns. Sometimes I hack the patterns with my own ideas an playful touch. It's always nice to inspire and assist other people. I blog at Larth.

Hello!  My name is Audrey and I am 33. I am from Lille in France (close to Belgium!) but I currently live in New Orleans in the USA. I am a primary school teacher and I teach in a French immersion school in New Orleans. That’s the 3rd country where I have moved to teach because travelling is another huge passion! But while I travel, sewing has always a big importance and I can’t help looking for fabric shops when I am on vacation! My husband has followed me everywhere and he now works in schools too. We have a daughter Castille who has just turned one. I started sewing with my grandma when I was 5 and never stopped! I only started sewing for kids last year and I really love it so I am very happy to be in this group to share new ideas and sew sewpony patterns! I am on IG here.

Hi!  My name is Fabienne and I'm 36. I live in Belgium (Geel). I'm a full time social worker in a juvenile centre. I'm a mom of 4 : Tokke (boy 7y), Rikke (girl 6y), Helle (girl 4y) and Berre (boy 2y). My husband and I love everything homemade and selfmade. I love to sew for my children, for myself, gifts and bags,... A while back I had the opportunity to team up with An from Straight grain to collaborate on a sewing pattern: Hoppe. It was an amazing time and experience. Now I know how much time it takes to make a pattern! I blog in Dutch and I'm an IG addict. My blog is called 128.

Hello everyone I am Mijke and I am so happy to be here! I am 40 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my husband and two kids. Rose (10) and Hugo (6). I am a child and family health nurse by trade and have been modelling as a side job since I was 19. My mom taught me how to sew when I was little and I have always been very creative. Mom used to tell me I should have chosen a creative trade instead of nursing. I decided to quit nursing to become a stay at home mum when our daughter Rose was born 10 years ago and that's when I picked up sewing again! I still work as a model about once or twice a month and I sew almost every day and I love that our wardrobes are getting filled with handmade outfits! I would love think up new pattern ideas for Suz and hack her gorgeous patterns into adult sizes.Yay! I have an IG account called Sew it curly.

Hello, My name is Deborah (37) I live in Belgium (Rillaar) together with my husband Alain and two kids Cas (7) and Nina (5). I work full-time for the Belgian army. So something completely different. I teach the new soldiers there. I teach routing and switching on Cisco devices. After a whole day with only man who thinks they are Rambo i need some time for myself. That time i love to spend on sewing. I love to sew for my children.I start sewing at the age of 12. My mom was a sewing teacher.I also like to play with my camera. I still have a lot to learn about photography! Find my blog and shop here.

I am Guus! And I am honoured to be in the sewpony team! I have sewn since my daughter was born 7 years ago. Before that, I sewed some trousers for myself but never wore them. I have two kids, a girl amd a boy. Femke 7 y and Jurre 3 y. My work is my fabric webshop Stoffenfeest so I am in paradise every day.  Before this I was a speech teacher but it didn't give me that much energy so I choose to do something different. I love to think about patterns, fabrics, combinations and like to try new things! I am active on IG and facebook and blog on my site.

Hello everyone! My name is Marjolein, I'm 32 years young and happily married to Gerd. (15 years in a relationship next week, 4 years of marriage). Together we have 3 lovely children, 2 boys, Noah (8) and Bas (3) and our daughter Lara (6). I'm a blogger at Lately I have kind of a sewers/bloggers - block, but I'm ready to emerge myself in the sewing scene again. I work part-time as a local controller at Infrabel, the Belgian railway company. (We live in Belgium ;)) I started sewing 5,5 years ago and what I taught would be a temporary fling, turned out into a full blown sewing addiction (And fabric addiction, my fabric stash is way too big!)

Hi everyone, I am Jenya, a Russian Aussie and I am 39. I am a part time social worker (family support services to be exact for my juvenile justice colleague's info hehe) and a full time mum to Miss R (7) and Miss L (2). I live about 3 1/2 hours drive away from Suz. I have been sewing for around 6 years. I am self-taught also. I started sewing because my older daughter is very skinny and finding RTW clothes that fit her well was almost an impossible task. I stumbled across sewpony very early on and have been sewing Suz's patterns since the very beginning of her pattern designing adventure! I have been blogging for nearly 5 years  at While she was sleeping.  What can I bring here? I would have brought some sweets if we were meeting in person.  Since we are an online group, I will offer honest feedback and share ideas.

Hi everyone, I am Karyn from New Zealand. By day I am a digital business lecturer but by night I like to get creative. I especially like sewing for my three children, my son and two daughters. They were really my motivation to start sewing so I have only been sewing about eight years. It was at this time I discovered a love for handmade and knew I needed a creative outlet so I taught myself to sew. I share my work on my insta account (Libby and Mae).

Hi all!  I'm Maarika, mother of two girls (8 and 3,5).  I'm currently living in Jerusalem but originally from Germany. I learned sewing in high school but only got back into it after my first daughter was born. Since then I have been sewing pretty much everything from socks, shirts, pants, dresses to stuffed animals and bags - for the whole family. I show most of it on (also FB and instagram). We are moving back to Germany this summer (with many uncertainties still of job, city and place to live) and I very much hope I can keep up with everything during that time. But for now I'm very much looking forward to working on pattern ideas, hacks and enjoying the creativity of this group. Thanks Suz for having me!

Hi everyone. My name is Anke. I'm from Belgium and i've two girls (Anoek - 8 and Joke - 6) and i am 35 years old. I am a musician and a teacher and i like  to be creative. I taught myself to sew 6 years ago and love sewing for my kids.  Two years ago i also started knitting. I have translated many of Suz's patterns into Dutch. I hope i can give some of my creative ideas here. I blog and have an IG account where I share what I have made.

 Hi everyone my name is Michael. I am Suz's younger brother! I have been her #1 fan of Sewpony for a long time! Although our Dad passed away a few years ago, he would have taken the #1 fan place so it's only natural I take his place. I am very interested in online business, digital marketing, etc.  That is where I want to help the most in the group and feel I have the most to add. In my spare time I work full time as an Ambulance Paramedic, currently doing further studies and raising a 16 month old son, Finbar on our ten acre property 15 mins drive from Suz's house.

Thanks everyone who signed up to join the sewpony team - I really appreciate your time and effort.  Stay tuned to see what the sewpony team have up their collective big sleeve!

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