lotte martens tour

November 14, 2017

Today I am very happy to be part of the International Lotte Martens tour! Lotte Martens is a beautiful Belgian fabric brand owned by Lotte herself.  I was contacted a couple of months ago by Eva (Lotte's PR manager) asking if I would be interested in receiving some of the gorgeous screen printed fabric to sew up for this tour.  Of course this an offer one cannot refuse!  I eagerly jumped on line to carefully select my favourite fabric to order...

As I said, Lotte screen prints and digitally prints all of the printed pieces herself which is what makes her fabrics so special.  I chose Bromelia 8 which you can find here. This dress was made from two pieces of fabric - one panel piece and I used approximately 70 cm of the matching uni fabric (Uni 8).  The panel measures 60 cm high and 140cm wide, while the plain pretty pink can be purchased by the metre to complement the panel.  

For this dress I used my free Dulcie dress pattern but shortened the length of the bodice by about 10cm (then adapted the skirt length accordingly). The size of the skirt you see here was trimmed by about 15cm (10cm at the top and 5cm at the bottom) so that the skirt wouldn't be too long on Emily.  So I cut the front skirt and front bodice from the panel and the back skirt pieces and bodice pieces from the plain pink.  I could have used the whole panel for a less full skirt but I wanted the flowers to be centred which is why I made the skirt from the panel and the matching uni fabric. For smaller girls, the panel could be used in it's entirety for an A line style dress, and the panel could also be used for tops for older girls.  The panel was also long enough if made  as an A - line skirt for women if complementing pink fabric was used for the back.  

This design is also available in other colours - peach, gold and green. They are all stunning! 

Currently Lotte Martens is stocked in over 20 stores in Europe in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. This number is growing and Lotte suggests you ask your local fabric store if they will stock her fabrics to get them on board too! You can find a list of stockists of Lotte Martens fabrics HERE.  Lotte's fabrics range from woven, lace fabrics to knits.  I would liken the fabric I used to a cotton sateen in feel but without the shine.   

You can find more Lotte Martens inspiration by checking out their blog here.  Follow along this week and next  as many bloggers from around the world will also be sharing their sewing with these beautiful fabrics!

Thank you so much Lotte and Eva for inviting me to sew with your wonderful fabric! This is certainly a special dress!

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  1. This is such a pretty dress, Suz! It shows the print so beautifully, and that color pink is so lovely on her.

  2. Beautiful, Suz. Love the fabric/pattern pairing. Pink is definetely Emily's colour.

  3. Thank YOU Suz for kicking off our tour! It's lovely to see what you are all making with our fabrics :)

    1. So you are the Eva I have been emailing? I didn't realise it was you!!!!

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