issie top tour - day 7

November 06, 2017

Just three days left of the Issie top tour!  Remember you can still purchase the pattern with a discount of 10% by using code ISSIERELEASE10. You can purchase the Issie top pattern in English, Dutch and French and can find it HERE! Today I am pleased to have Jill, Jenny and Susanne along to share their Issies!

No doubt you already know the uber talented Jill from Kneesocks and Goldilocks (IG).  Jill is a lovely lady who lives in Canada with her husband and four children.  She works as a fertility specialist and sews in her down time! Mostly for her sweet little daughter June who makes everything shine! She is just cutest!! Jill and I paired up in the creation of the Juliette dress and top and she was a pleasure to work with on this project. Jill sews late at night but seems to be able to squeeze another hour out of each day with the level of her sewing productivity!   

Jenny lives in New Zealand and blogs and IGs at Mend and Make New.  I found Jenny's blog when I first started blogging a few years ago and I love what she she sews for her family and she is kind of a neighbour to me here in Australia since we are two of the few countries that are represented in the sewing stratosphere from the below the equator! Jenny lives in NZ with her husband, son Noah and three daughters - Issy, Pippy and Sophie...Sophie is still a bub and is oh so sweet! Jenny made a stunning Issie top (pictured) that she is sharing on her blog and has also made a couple more!

Susanne has the IG account Pistolwhip and I discovered her only recently when she posted this gorgeous Miss Polly dress on Instagram.  She then applied to test the Issie top and I was excited to discover someone new.  Susanne lives in Austin, Texas and sews gorgeous things for herself and her children.  She made there Issie creations she is sharing over at Pistolwhip so go and check them out!!!

Thank you so much Jill, Jenny and Susanne! 

MONDAY 23/10: anaaisID//
WEDNSEDAY 25/10: VINK//amore//MeToezie//
FRIDAY 27/10: Beletoile//Flaflinko//Froleintilia//Aria
WEDNESDAY 1/11: WithlovebyEva//ByDagbjort//Stannel//

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