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September 05, 2017

Today I am joining in with the Vienna dress tour! I love joining in other pattern designers tours to repay the favour and also to support others and because I love sewing up patterns I've not yet used! So when Isabel from Bel'Etoile and Katrien from Kaatjenaaisels contacted me to ask if I would be interested in sewing up either the Vienna dress (designed by Isabel and drafted by Katrien) or the Nena dress/top (designed and drafted by Katrien), I immediately signed up!  Isabel and Katrien have both been great supporters of mine and I love their style so it was an easy decision! If you would like to buy the Vienna dress pattern (which I can happily recommend), you can purchase it HERE. Use code: INSTAPARTY for a 10% discount.

The Vienna dress has lovely lines. I love the shape of the waistline and the sweet curved flutter sleeves.   The front skirt is gathered, while the back skirt is left plain. I opted for the V-line back neck opening. A sweet collar can also be added to the front as can a different rectangular shaped flutter sleeve, or the dress can be left sleeveless. The Vienna dress was released a few months back now, but has only just recently been translated into English (as has the Nena dress/top).  The fabric I used was purchased from Spotlight and is a lovely soft floral cotton which I think pairs perfectly with this design. Although, using a contrasting bodice fabric or playing with prints would better accent the waistline curve.

In my part of the world, we have had ridiculously horrendous weather over the past few days to mark the beginning of spring.  This has made outdoor photographs impossible. There has been hail, sideways rain and gale force winds, so we opted for photos in my sewing room with the heater on! Unfortunately they are not as clear as I would like due to the dull light of the afternoon, but sometimes, we just have to be okay with that! Juliette loves her dress and I am sure she will get lots of wear out of it in a month or two.

Thank you very much Isabel and Katrien for your invitation. I loved sewing up the Vienna dress and am sure I will be making another one soon!  Make sure to check out all the lovely Vienna dress inspiration on Instagram by searching #viennadress . 

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