Little Betty in pears!

September 29, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am close to having the revision of my Little Betty top pattern ready for testing.  I first released the Little Betty top a few years ago now and I wanted to update it for a few reasons. Firstly, it only went up to size 8 which is inconsistent with the size range of all of my other patterns (12MO-10Y).  Secondly, I wanted to add some simpler options to allow the pattern to be a go to knit top pattern that was quick to make.  And, thirdly, I wanted to try digitally drawing my sewing instructions.  So, today I can show you the simpler 'sans frills' Little Betty top I made a couple of days ago with the trademark cuffs and waistband.  PS....I am considering changing the name of the pattern and am looking for feedback.  You can help me in a little poll in the sewpony patterns fb group!

I couple of months back I was lucky enough to win a metre of this beautiful pear printed jersey from Elvelyckandesign in Sweden!  Thank you Elvelyckandesign!  The fabric is so lovely and soft! It is 95% cotton and 5% lycra and with a fabric width of 165cm, I have enough for another top with the leftovers from this project. Elvelyckanddesign ship worldwide with free shipping over certain amounts.

For the cuffs and neckband, I had just enough of a pretty orange and cream fine stripe that I cut from a hand me down singlet given to me by my sister in law - love recycling! This fabric has a lot of stretch, which is why I was able to use it for the cuffs and waistband.  Both are designed to be firm fitting so need the stretch to enable the top to be taken on and off easily. I used my double needle for the top stitching around the neckline - gosh I love the effect!

Paired with Isabella's saltwater sandals, I know this is an outfit she will wear again and again as she moves away from reaching for dresses as her first choice most days.  This pattern is obviously designed for knit fabrics. I have yet to sew it up in a sweater style knit such as a French terry, but will do soon! The frills of the original pattern can be sewn in knit or in woven which allows for some pretty detailing.

I can't wait to show you some more Little Betty tops next week! 

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  1. It is just perfect! I can't wait to start sewing one for Lara 👌

  2. Looks nice!
    Wat about people who already bought the little betty pattern though... wil they be able to download the update as well?

  3. Looks nice!
    Wat about people who already bought the little betty pattern though... wil they be able to download the update as well?

  4. Why would you change the name of the pattern? I love little Betty! And I love her style! I think I'll sew one for Liv and then one for myself too ;-)

    1. Thanks Eva! I am thinking of sewing now one for me too!!

  5. I have only ever made one, and I have been meaning to make a dress ever since you showed me the drawing... hm... ages ago :) So naturally I am excited about LIttle Betty's re-birth :) Personally, I would have kept the name :)


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