September 11, 2017

Have you seen the latest lovely pattern by StraightGrain? It's the Feliz dress and blouse and it is stunning! Of course you know that I am a big fan of An's designs and we have been sewing buddies for a good few years now! I have sewn nearly all of An's patterns and they are amazingly detailed and super professional. I can very happily highly recommend all of them.  The Feliz pattern is available as a PDF file or as a printed pattern in a pretty folder. You can see both formats in the StraightGrain shop.  It comes in sizes 12 MO - 12 Y.
As with all StraightGrain patterns, Feliz offers many options. Dress or blouse, dolman sleeves, sleeveless, inset sleeves, bell sleeves, flowy or small flutter sleeves, pleated or gathered skirt, zipped or buttoned back.  The pattern is beautifully drafted and the instructions are clear and of course, pretty! 

I chose the dolman sleeved blouse. The pattern went together beautifully.  I love that dolman sleeves mean my girls get shoulder protection without me having to sew inset sleeves (my least favourite step of sewing dresses and blouses!)  Isabella is becoming less of a dress girl and more of a 'shirt and jeans' girl, so being able to still sew things she reaches for of her own accord is great!
I was running short of zips so decided to steal the Nova pattern back closure option with a little triangular tab.  I used a thrifted blue linen for the skirt part and a remnant of a sweet print I picked up at Spotlight for the yokes. I couldn't resist adding some piping in apricot. I found the perfect coloured vintage button in my stash to match.

Today we had a break in our rainy weather so we headed down to one of our favourite cafes down at the breakwater by the beach. It was warm enough for the girls to wear short sleeves which meant photos were natural and not rushed!! We found a cool wall as a backdrop in the shade and I love these photos of Isabella against it. I am so proud of the girl she is...beautiful on the inside and out! 
Below you can see a view from the cafe - fishing boats, bollards, a fabulous 5km boardwalk, the ocean and the breakwater. If you ever visit Warrnambool, make sure to visit the Pavilion cafe!
 As we walked to the breakwater, we came across a little field of yellow flowers. Although they were surrounded by a car park, I was able to zoom in to capture just Isabella and the flowers. Perfect!
Make sure to follow the Feliz tour to see all the other beautiful dresses and blouses being shared!   Thank you An for having me, I loved sewing Feliz and it makes Isabella 'happy'!

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  1. Gorgeous Feliz! And that last photo is stunning!

  2. What an absolutely stunning Feliz! And those photo's of your Isabella... What a gorgeous girl! Can I please have her dimples? :-)

    1. Thanks An! yes I am jealous of her dimples too!


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