COSMO TOUR: Day 5 - Bellevi, Amore + Pimp your pattern

August 25, 2017

Four lovely Cosmo dresses to share today!  Today's sewers are Evi from Bellevi, Anke from Amore and Wanessa from PimpYourPatternDuring the tour, you can receive a 15% discount on the Cosmo pattern with the code COSMOTOUR. Apply at checkout HERE! Available in English and Dutch. Do you need another incentive to buy the Comso dress pattern? Well make sure to follow me on Instagram because I have a fun giveaway going on over there too! Win 1.5metres of Cotton and Steel fabric, piping and exposed zip! Simply tag your Cosmo dress with the hashtag #cosmodresspattern by next Friday 1st September to have a chance at winning!
I discovered Evi from Bellevi through the wonderful world of Instagram! She is another fabulous Belgian sewer and makes gorgeous clothes for her daughter! Evi also sews wonderful things for herself like this gorgeous top! She made such a cool Cosmo dress and love how she paired it with casual sneakers for a more relaxed look! Please visit Evi's blog and Instagram to see more!! @bellevi_handmade

Anke from Amore is now a good friend of mine and I have known her through sewing for a few years now. She has helped me tremendously with translating many of my patterns into Dutch. She has now translated Miss Polly, Tic tac toe, Juliette and now Cosmo! You can see all of the Dutch listings in my shop HERE.  Anke makes gorgeous clothes for her family and you can see her wonderful sewing  (and knitting!) and this sweet Cosmo dress over at Amore. Follow her on IG too! @ankemore

Wanessa from PimpYourPattern is a new sewer to me! I asked in my sewpony patterns facebook group if anyone was interested in joining my pattern tour and she expressed interest. She is French and developed a love for sewing when the first of her two daughters  was born five years ago. Wanessa sewed two Cosmo dresses - one with the pattern untouched, and one with a great hack! A peplum frill at the bottom. Head over to PimpYourPattern to see more! @ pimpyourpattern

Thank you  Evi, Anke and Wanessa! Your dresses are stunning!

Come back on Monday for more Cosmo fun!

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