May 10, 2017

Today is the third day of the pattern tour for the Juliette dress + top. You can purchase the Juliette dress + top pattern HERE. Don't forget to use the coupon code: DRESSEDINSEWPONY to receive 10% off any sewpony pattern and enter my sewing contest HERE!

Today let me introduce Isabel, Cassy, Thao and Marte!

The pretty dress above belongs to Isabel, who sews, blogs and shares on IG from Bel'Eltoile. Isabel lives in Belgium and loves to sew for her two young daughters and also for herself!! She made two beautiful Juliette dresses for her two daughters - such beautiful colours!!! Head over to Bel'Etoile to see more of this pretty dress and also to see Isabel's baby daughter in her blue one! Thank you Isabel!

I have been following Cassy at Pear Berry Lane for a while now and she makes the sweetest things for her twin daughters and also her older daughter. Her photos are always beautiful and I was really excited to see that Jill had suggested for her to take part in our tour. I love the fabrics Cassy chose for her Juliette dress - contrasting florals look so pretty paired together! Head over to Pear Berry Lane to see more of this gorgeous dress! Thank you Cassy!

Thao sews and blogs from Little Cumquat in Australia...another Aussie, yay! Thao has helped me with testing several of my patterns and her wonderful Miss Polly dress is the cover photo of the Dutch translation in my shop! Thao made a wintery Juliette dress with what looks to me like blue velvet (I love velvet).  She added a tulle collar and also cuffs!! I can't wait to see this on! Thank you Thao!

Marte is the superstar behind the brand, Compagnie M. Marte has become a very successful pattern designer and her designs are all amazing.  Marte lives in Belgium with her husband and twin daughters. She sews mostly for them, but also for herself and hence her line of women's patterns also. Make sure to check out all of her patterns here.  Marte asked if she would mind if I hacked the Juliette pattern...I was a bit nervous but she did an amazing job and this is still definitely a Juliette dress but with an awesome modern edge! I love the colours Marte used too.  Thank you Marte for joining us! 

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see more talented ladies sharing their Juliettes! And have you discovered the free collar for the Juliette pattern? I published a couple of days ago...you can read all about it here.

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