May 24, 2017

 A couple of months ago, I received a lovely surprise in the post.  A paper copy of the wonderful Tinny Dress pattern by my friend An from StraightGrain!  I helped An a while back with the line drawings for the pattern and although she had already been very generous in sending me this lovely fabric, she spoilt me by sending a copy.  I arrived home from the post shop to find another parcel in my mail box.  Some beautiful fabric from Mon Depot!  This beautiful feather fabric was designed by Wolf + Rita (and is unfortunately currently out of stock - sad face).  It caught my eye the moment I first saw it on Instagram a few weeks before.  An had noticed me commenting on someone's post about how much I loved the fabric, so she sent me some!! So kind - thank you An!  


Of course, I had to turn the feather fabric into a Tinny dress with my new pattern.  I began cutting into the lovely fabric within an hour of receiving it!! However, with the development and release of the Juliette pattern and also organising my sewing contest, meant this dress was put in my 'to do' box for quite a few weeks!!

I was so happy to get it finished last week and to see Emily wear it four times since! She has asked specifically for her feather dress on several occasions already, which means...she really likes it!  She has already received so many comments.  This is one of the reasons I love sewing for my kids - not for the praise, but for the fact that the clothes I make are unique and even to a non-sewer, they look different and more special from something generic from the shops.

The Tinny dress pattern is just beautiful. I made a short sleeved version with Tomako collar, pleated skirt and faux pocket flaps. Emily was a bit dark with me that they weren't real pockets, but she still loves the dress! If you haven't already sewn up a StraighGrain pattern, I can highly recommend them. Amazingly thorough, professional and beautiful! Keep doing what you are doing An - you are so talented!!!

I have some more StraighGrain love coming up on the blog soon with a Laure dress and...a just released, Nova!

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  1. It is such a sweet dress Suz. I understand why Emily likes it so much. The collar is perfection! This fabric is so beautiful!

  2. Thank you Jenya!!! I think I will be sad when she outgrows this one!!

  3. An has the most beautiful patterns. I'm a big fan of her!! And I bet it's no surprise that I love this feathered fabric too! :) What a good match you made! Your daughter looks great in it! Lara picks the feathered-Juliette dress as soon as it leaves my washing machine.

  4. Cannot believe I originally missed this post! I saw your beautiful dress on IG, and was immediately in love. I'm so happy to read that your daughter also likes the dress. Thank you for the lovely post, and once again for your terrific help with the line drawings! xo


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