tic tac toe dress BLOG TOUR: Day 1 - Me Toezie, Brave Fabrics + Amore

November 14, 2016

I am excited today to begin the tic tac toe dress blog tour!  This week and next you will see eighteen beautiful dresses sewn up by bloggers from around the world. Some of these bloggers were my testers so I am sure they are very eager to show you their dresses since they finished them two weeks ago now.  Here is the line up of lovely bloggers (scroll to the bottom of this post for links to take you to each blog). Until next Friday, you can receive 10% off the price of the tic tac toe dress (and all sewpony vintage patterns) with the code TICTACTOE10. Apply it at checkout in the sewpony vintage shop HERE.

The first blogger on tour is Nathalie from Me Toezie. Nathalie was one of my lovely testers and I was very excited to see this dress in the testing group. She made this beautiful tic tac toe dress in a slightly festive fabric - a perfect Christmas day dress don't you think? I can't believe Christmas is only six weeks away! I love Nathalie's contrasting collar and tie.  Head over to Me Toezie to see more!

Erin is my next blogger from Brave Fabrics.  Erin is a fellow Aussie mum, sewer, blogger and she also curates and runs the shop, Brave fabrics! I only came across Brave Fabrics recently via Instagram. Erin has a blog and a great online shop stocking designer prints.  I am a big supporter of Aussie online fabric retailers! Erin was one of my lovely testers and made a gorgeous mint dress for her sweet little daughter with the test pattern (pictured below left).  Since testing, Erin made another tic tac toe dress (pictured below right).  I can't wait to see it! Go to Brave Fabrics to see more of these dresses and have a look around Erin's lovely shop!!

Anke from Amore has tested several of my patterns and also translated the Miss Polly dress into Dutch for me (so kind) which you can find in my etsy shop.  Anke is also working to translate the tic tac toe dress into Dutch too! Anke's dress was the first one to appear in the testing group and I was so excited to see it!  Head over to Amore to see lot of pictures of this lovely dress!

Thank you so much Nathalie, Erin and Anke for making and sharing your lovely dresses! 

Don't forget to come back on Wednesday to see three more lovely dresses! 

14 Nov: Metoezie//Bravefabrics//Amore

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