November 30, 2016

While the lovely ladies on my tic tac toe dress tour were sewing up and sharing dresses, I as making this little dress for Emily. I really wanted to make a tic tac toe dress with just the centre panel being the main feature print, while keeping the rest of the dress in a plainer print, like Anke did here. I had some lovely Sprinkle in counting stars (Cotton and Steel) that I purchased from Hawthorne Threads a while ago that I knew would look beautiful as the main fabric with whatever I paired it with. 

I had a tiny bit of the Chrysanthemum in egg blue (Gilbert Blythe anyone?) fabric (Joel Dewberry - also from Hawthorne Threads) leftover from Emily's quilt. I absolutely love this print and was glad there was just enough to cut the centre panel and sleeve linings!

So this is View B bodice with small rectangular sleeves, regular gathered skirt (no pockets) and regular back.  Emily has already worn it enough times that some stain remover is required around the neckline!

I have one more tic tac toe dress to show you this week and then it is on to some Christmas sewing for the girls!!

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  1. I like this version a lot! The feature fabric is unique and gorgeous.

  2. LOVE this version Suz. I also admired Anke's dress and have a piece of fabric waiting to become a feature panel on my next tic tac toe :)

  3. Great. ..so nice.
    Greetings from belgium x


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