See you at six...

September 17, 2016

Today I am taking part in the See You At Six blog tour hosted by Maaike from Maai design.  See You At Six is a beautiful new collection of fabric available in Maaike's shop.  It is viscose/rayon and has a beautiful drape. Ideally suited for shirts and dresses for women.  I chose Cracks Pastel for this project (and also some Triangles Blue for something lovely in the future). Like the Soft Cactus fabrics, See You At Six is also 145cm wide. I love that!

I was originally going to make a dress for Isabella, My girls are much more photogenic than I am! But with a subtle push from Maaike, I decided I should take the plunge and sew for myself.   I really would like to get into sewing for myself more so it felt right to use this beautiful fabric for something for me.  

Then the question was...What to make? I had always like the look of the Wiksten Tova top/dress, so I bought the PDF pattern and set to work printing, taping and cutting.  I cut a medium based on the measurements but I think I will sew a small size next time.  Although saying that, I do like the flowy look of this shirt.  I have worn it twice already since finishing it last weekend. The shirt came together really easily.  There was slip stitching of the collar lining, but that was the only time consuming part. I think the dress version in the smaller size, perhaps with a tie would look really nice.

The collection is beautiful.  I love all the fabrics and found it very hard to chose!  Thank you Maaike for having me! If you would like to purchase some See You At Six fabric, you can receive 10% off by using the code: seeyouatsix.  You will not be disappointed!

Make sure you to check out all the other lovely Aussie blogs taking part in the tour!


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17th of September: Suz from Sewpony
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  1. Suz, the shirt looks wonderful. I think the colours suit you very well. The drape is lovely. I am glad Maaike convinced you to sew for yourself :) I too have been admiring this pattern forever.

  2. You should do more selfish sewing, it's great! And I totally share your love for the fabrics, they feel wonderful, don't they?

  3. Yah for selfish sewing. The Tova was a great choice for this fabric. It looks great.

  4. Lovely! The blouse looks great in this fabric. The fit across the shoulders from behind looks perfect to me!

  5. Suz, I love this! It looks great...and really comfy. I'm glad you got to make something for yourself xxx

  6. Thank you so much for taking part again Suz! So glad you got my subtle hint ;) I would love to see you sew more for yourself!

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