A blue dress: pattern progress

September 29, 2016

We are enjoying September school holidays at the moment, and I have had the opportunity to get some sewing done! I am making some progress with sewing up some prototypes of my new pattern.  Do you remember this dress I shared some months back? Well I have developed that design since then - I have removed the pleating of the top piece and added the options of: half/full collar, epaulettes, three sleeves, V or regular back and an optional tie. The design can include a piped bodice which joins with piped pockets to create a unique (I hope!) look at the front.

The one Juliette is wearing here is made from the most beautiful fabric - the cornflowers panel by Bambiblauw that I purchased at Maaidesign. Just enough width on the panel to squeeze a size 6 dress! Juliette is tuned in to the habits of a sewing blogger.  She loves wearing dresses and was very excited to try on her new dress.  When she looked outside she said, "Mum it's sunny outside. We should take photos!" Yes. Good idea!

We headed down to the back of our property and found the ideal spot - long grass with blue and white flowers.  Juliette blended right in!

We found snowdrops, white irises, rocks and weeds...

I am making some minor modifications to the fit. The neckline will be lowered a little and the bodice will be ever so slightly more fitted.  

This version has a regular neckline at the back, however the pattern will also include a V-back option that you can see in the original dress I made.

Please come back soon as I will be sharing two more versions that I have sewn up for Isabella and Emily!

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  1. I love it and will surely made some for my little girl!

  2. I am glad you keep on working on this pattern, it is so cute! Love this fabric. Juliette is really blending in with all the grass and flowers :)

  3. I'm sewing with exactly that same Bambiblauw panel right now. I'm very impressed if you got this whole dress from one panel. It's quite the challenge! Gorgeous dress and lovely photos.

  4. Oh what s pretty dress! I love the seaming in front and it is beautiful in that fabric.

  5. This is SO beautiful. Love the look of this new pattern - and the v-back sounds like a lovely option.

  6. This is really a promising pattern! And so much options! i look forward to seeing more!


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