August 08, 2016

Today I am sharing with you my version of the Hoppe pattern - the latest pattern by And from StraightGrain.  An collaborated with another Belgian blogger and sewer - Fabrienne from the blog 128 to design and produce this latest gorgeous pattern. And although it is certainly not jumpsuit weather here, I was excited to make a Hoppe - as it is a bit of a change for me to make a garment like this.  

This Hoppe took me only about an hour to make on my overlocker. For this view, there are two main pattern pieces (front and back), straps, facings, pockets and cuffs.  I love that An included two sizes for each age level - regular and skinny.  Isabella is 8 years old, size 8 for height but only size 6 for her chest circumference, so I chose the size 8 skinny which fits her perfectly.

I bought this combed jersey on sale at Spotlight and just managed to cut a size 8 skinny size from one metre (I bought the fabric before reading the fabric requirements!). As you can see, the Hoppe is an all in one suit with inseam pockets, cuffed ankles and there are two options for the straps.  Straight tie straps or halter.  You can also sew Hoppe with a front/side pleat which allows you to play with pairing fabrics. 

I like the look of the halter straps, although Isabella did need some help with doing the straps back up after using the toilet. The straight straps would allow girls to pull the suit up and down on their own.

I hope Isabella will get lots of wear out of her Hoppe when our wind and rain finally stops!  Bring on Spring!

You can follow the Hoppe blog tour hosted by StraightGrain by clicking on the links below, and if you would like to receive a discount on this super cute pattern, use HOPPETOUR10 at checkout to receive 10 % off. 

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Thank you An and Fabienne for the lovely pattern!

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  1. What adorable fabric! And your daughter looks so incredibly cute in her Hoppe! Love it.

  2. Bring on spring! A lovely jumpsuit Suz. Such fun print.

  3. Love, love, love this one! Thanks Suz! x Fabienne

  4. So cute Suz! The toilet issue is why I've avoided jumpsuits - but if our weather ever warms up, I might have a go at making one with straight straps as per your recommendation :)

    1. Thanks Marisa. Yes I will do straight straps next time:)

  5. They would make great pajamas too! But wait, way too beautiful for only wearing them at night! Let's bring Spring on!


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