Miss Polly frenzy - Part I

May 03, 2016

Over the past few weeks, I have sewn up three Miss Polly dresses that I have not yet shared. I sewed up a long sleeve flannelette one using some green vintage fabric, a capped sleeve soft cactus one and this one - made with vintage denim and home decor fabric! Yep, this one is made from the leftovers from some cushions I recently made for our loungeroom!

The chartreuse home decor fabric is beautifully soft and has a subtle scalloped pattern imprinted into it. I bought it from Spotlight (in the home decor section). I paired it with mint green piping and some pinstriped vintage denim I have had in my stash for years ( I don't remember where it came from).  You might also notice the perfectly matched shoes!

These are Juliette's shoes - purchased from Target. I did not have these shoes in mind at all whilst making the dress, but when the dress was finished, I suddenly remembered the shoes! I couldn't believe how well they matched! Meant to be.

And here is Issie again modelling the cushion also!

I really love this dress and Isabella was really excited while I was making it and helped me choose the piping and lining fabric. It is a nice heavy weight that is great for us here in Australia as our weather is certainly getting colder and wetter. These photos were taken on a glorious day we had over the weekend, but the following day, Isabella wore the dress with tights and a cardigan.

Here you can see the cute scallops on the velvet fabric.

Isabella was excited when she saw this photo - "Look at the light beam Mummy!" I know. I like it too.

Stay tuned for Miss Polly frenzy part II and III over the following days!

Pssst...You can buy the Miss Polly pattern in German here and also in Dutch here!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous :) I really like this version. The shoes go with the dress so well, definitely meant to be :)

  2. Oh I love this dress! Beautiful fabrics, a great combo!
    And your little model look so cute!

  3. The dress is gorgeous! And your daughter is so beautiful!

  4. I love to see Miss Polly's, so this post makes me happy! I just finished my first one and I'm very excited to try it on when I see my little Liv (who is the seven-year-old I babysit) the next time. I especially like it when only the front panel is sewn in a different fabric from the rest, so I know what my next version will look like!

    1. Awesome Eva. Look forward to seeing yours!

  5. This must be one of my favourite Miss Polly dresses, just love the colours and the combinations!


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