A spotty geranium for my kinder girl

February 08, 2016

It has been a big week here in our home. Juliette started school, Isabella started grade 2 and little Emily started big girl kinder.  I shed a few tears sending my littlest girl off into a world without Mummy, bus she seems to be enjoying her independence and is settling in well. Juliette and Issie are wearing homemade uniforms so I wanted Emily to have a new kinder dress. Juliette has settled into school well too which is great.

I was saving up this lovely fabric and a dress for playing in suited the colours and texture of this fabric perfectly.  The fabric was supplied to me by the lovely Hawthorne Threads. It is by Kimberley Kight for Cotton and Steel and is called "Dime store dot in navy" from the Lucky Strike collection. It comes in a coral colour way too which is lovely. The fabric was super soft to work with and the dress has already been washed and worn three times and requires minimal ironing - which I love!

I closed the dress with an invisible zip instead of buttons, because I find it easier (the dress looks a little pinched in in this picture, but it is not:)

I notched the neckline on either side like An did here for some interest.

Emily gave me lots of silly faces, but this 'sleeping beauty' one is quite sweet! Thank you very much Hawthorne Threads for the beautiful fabric! Emily loves her kinder dress.

And here are my three big girls on their first day last week!!!

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  1. Oh I just love the 'sleeping beauty' look :) A gorgeous dress for the sweetest big kinder girl :) A dress that requires minimal ironing is perfect for playful little critters :)

  2. Oh my goodness they are all looking so grown up! Especially Isabella. How does that happen so quickly! I think I will definitely be following your example and sewing a few Tinnys, once we get round to summer over here x

  3. Your girls have grown up so much, they are gorgeous! I love that you are able to make such fabulous dresses for school, so much nicer than store/school issued ones, as are all your creations too!

    1. Thank you Julie! I just need to find more green gingham- it is as rare as hen's teeth!

  4. They are so beautiful and really growing up.

  5. Reading "kinder", I thought your girl would appear in some kind of advertising for the Kinder chocolate ;-) But this is way better! It's the cutest uniform of all three :-)

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