A swan dress

January 19, 2016

It's been a while since I have blogged! A long time since I made Isabella a dress. I spent some time in my sewing room today and I made this dress for her. The beautiful fabric was sent to me from my lovely blogging friend An, from the beautiful blog, StraighGrain.  I helped An out with some of the line drawings for her Tinny pattern and she sent me this gorgeous fabric as a gift (as well as another piece which I will show you another time).

The fabric is called "Zomerzwanen groot" - which is Dutch for 'summer swans'. It comes from the beautiful Belgian fabric store, Bambiblauw.  I have oogled over this shop but it is written in Dutch so tricky to navigate for me. Unfortunately, I don't think they ship outside of Europe - but I could be wrong, because I don't speak Dutch! You might have seen the summer swans fabric at An's blog a while ago when she made this dress for her daughter Norah. I commented on how much I loved the fabric then and am very grateful of An's generous gift!! The fabric was so lovely to work with. It is amazingly soft.

The colours are so vibrant and pretty.  I used An's Tinny pattern - the simplest version with no sleeves or collars and a gathered skirt. Such a pretty fabric looks great in a simple and feminine design, and this style suits Isabella's figure so well. She is slim so size six is perfect even though she is seven and half.

The chooks are never far away from the action!

Thank you so much An for the most beautiful fabric you sent us. I LOVE this dress and so does Isabella!!

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  1. This fabric is perfect for this dress indeed! Love it. I just finished hemming a Tinny dress :)

  2. Oh Suz, it is so STUNNING! And your daughter looks fabulous in it - so grown up! Thank you for creating such an amazing dress with my little pattern.

    And for your Aussie visitors: yes, Bambiblauw ships internationally :-)


  3. That fabric really IS so so perfect for this dress. Beautiful!!


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