A dear prudence dress

September 18, 2015

I started this Dear Prudence dress about three months ago when I was amidst making samples for my pattern. I didn't really need to make this one for testing, but I was keen to try a solid colour.  It has sat without sleeves over my sewing chair for too long, so I finally finished it off before Juliette grew too much taller!

This dress was intended to have the three quarter sleeves, but since it is now spring, I decided to make some little capped sleeves instead (the pattern comes with an integrated capped sleeve). I used a rusty caramel brown broad cloth I picked up from spotlight and paired it with cream piping and buttons.  I used some lovely vintage orange floral for the lining.

I finished this dress yesterday and Juliette wore it for the day, which included going to swimming lessons.  As she was about to walk up the steps into the gym, I noticed she was the same colour as the wall!! Had to take a photo (but only had my phone).  So today, she wore it again (to swimming -  for Issie's lesson) and I brought my camera.

I was lazy and omitted the back elastic and instead let the back just sit freely.  I like it this way too - and it probably saves about twenty minutes of pinning, sewing and elastic threading.

I think essex linen would look very similar to the fabric I have used for this dress (it does crease a bit as you can see).  Here is a similar shade if you like the colour!

Incidentally, I put up the wallpaper in the photo below in our bedroom last week. Our room has had a big makeover (it had not been touched since it was built 38 years ago) and it is so nice!  A nice backdrop for photos too.

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  1. Lovely dress! The colour is great (and what a beautiful fabric for the lining :-))

  2. I love the lining, and I love your wallpaper even more! Very cool!

  3. Love the dress! Beautiful coulour as well.

  4. The dress and wallpaper are both great. I remember the days of separate swimming days, not that long ago actually! Seems like you're keeping pretty busy!

  5. This is such an awesome dress, Suz! I LOVE that color! I think of you every time Tia wears her Dear Prudence Dress! It's one of my favs. <3

  6. What a happy colour. I really like Dear Prudence in solid colours.


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