Happy Birthday Juliette

May 02, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I received my favourite sort of mail - fabric mail.  Last week I ordered some fabrics for Emily's big girl quilt and filled up my cart for same the postage rate with fabrics for lovely dresses or whatever I pleased.  I let Juliette and Issie choose a fabric each from Leah Duncan's range and Juliette chose this beautiful blue floral so I madly sewed up this dress last night for Juliette's birthday - which is today!


Five years ago today, Juliette Catherine came into the world to join our little family.  She has been so pumped for her birthday this year and had a little party this morning with all her lovely kinder friends and cousins. Such a sweet bunch of kids and they all had a ball.  She loved her new dress and did not want to take it off for the hanger photo above.  I bribed her with a leftover mini cupcake and she was happy.

The pattern is the Geranium dress by Made by Rae which I have made a few times before and know always turns out well.  The fabrics are Central Park in Breeze by Leah Duncan and the bodice is Essex linen in mango by Robert Kaufman- both from Hawthorne Threads.  I was able to order 9.5 yards of fabrics for the postage of $24 so the parcel worked out to be more economical than buying in store over here. Both fabrics are beautiful. I love the textured look of the linen and the leah duncan floral is super soft.

I love the shape of the flutter sleeve pattern piece - it looks a bit like a snail coiled up. It creates a fluted type sleeve.


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  1. Gorgeous birthday girl, beautiful fabrics, lovely dress :) Cupcakes, hey?

  2. Such a pretty dress, Suz. And happy birthday Juliette!

  3. A lovely dress for the lovely birthday girl!

  4. Thanks girls. She had a lovely day!

  5. A beautiful dress for a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweet Juliette <3
    It's really a beautiful dress!

  7. A beautiful birthday dress!! What great shipping from Hawthorn threads - will have to keep that in mind.....:)

  8. Adorable, Suz! And her hair is so gorgeous! This dress is perfect! <3<3


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