Kids' Clothes Week: Two hanami dresses

April 25, 2015

Today for Kids' Clothes Week, I am sharing two dresses I made this week. One for Issie and one for her best friend who turned seven this week and had a little party today.

I used the Hanami pattern by An from StraightGrain for both dresses.

Okay, so I broke my vow of not buying new fabric this week and bought this Cloud9 House and Garden print that was on special at Spotlight for $8 per metre.  I have since seriously broken my vow after filling my cart with lovely fabrics on line (some for Emily's quilt and some for...other things).  I think I did pretty well lasting four months without buying fabric (aside from a little lining/bias/zips, etc). For Isabella's friend's dress I lined the bodice with a teal cotton couture and the whole dress is very soft.  I included the flutter sleeves on this dress, while the pony dress has the lovely overlapping tulip sleeves.

I bought this vintage looking cotton/poplin about two years ago from Spotlight and it has long been promised to be made into a dress for Issie. I added the small peter pan collar for Isabella's pony dress, however, I had to top stitch it down as it kept flipping up due to its small size. 

Issie loves her pony dress and her friend was wearing her new dress when I picked Issie up from the party and it fit her perfectly. Yay!

I have one more garment I would like to finish this week which is in keeping with the 'Wild Things' theme of Kids' Clothes Week', but I will see how I go! Are you sewing too?

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  1. You can't go past a bargain like that at Spotlight! Wish I'd restarted sewing when my girls were a lot younger. Dresses are great as is Issie's big girl quilt!

    1. Thanks Julie:) I am making the most if it while they are young:)

  2. Whoaaaaaah Suz these are so pretty! The colors! And that last picture is so great :-) Thank you so much xo

  3. Gorgeaous Dresses! The Hanami is such a great pattern :)
    Last picture is too much!

  4. Such pretty dresses! Pink pony dress would be a favorite dress for any girls. And the quilt is beautiful too :)

  5. Cute, cute! Oh now I'm definitely going to (finally) buy that pattern!

  6. These are both fabulous. I love the colours in both prints. Good eye to pick them up! (sometimes fabric shopping just has to happen!)


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