Unfinished project # 5: A vintage Sunday picnic (pillow case) dress for Emily

March 09, 2015

Today I am sharing Emily's pillow case dress.  The floral component of the dress is made from a vintage pillow case.  

This is another of my unfinished projects from 2014 - sewn, worn, photographed and now blogged! The pattern is my Sunday picnic dress with a rounded collar.  

The bodice and pocket linings are a soft blue chambray I bought at Spotlight.

Although the weather is getting cooler here now, Emily wore this all day on Saturday while we explored the rugged beach near our house wearing tights and a cardi. 

I'm really glad I got this dress finished.  We don't have any more girls to hand the dress down to so I had to finish it in time for Emily to get some wear out of it!

My now updated 'to finish' list are:

  • Emily's quilt
  • The second version of my new design for Issie
  • A knit dress version of my Little Betty pattern with cool pockets for Juliette
  • A coral stretch dress for Issie

It really feels good to get some of these projects finished. They were kind of hanging over my sewing head and when they are all done I will feel like I have not wasted time or fabric and the kids and I can enjoy them.  I still have two lovely dresses I made last year that I have not blogged. One is a Nani iro dress (to pretty to wear - I need to be weary of that!) and the other is a lovely cotton and steel dress that I designed that Isabella has worn heaps.  I might photograph them together this week and share them too:)

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  1. Oh, your girl is just so cute. And her dress is super beautiful.
    You really are the queen of vintage floral sheets and pillow cases ;)

  2. Contrasting collar and skirt look wonderful. Definitely more exciting than a pillowcase ;)

  3. Thanks Jenya!! I do love vintage pillowcases on the girls' beds too!

  4. I love the rounded collar! Need to remember! I can relate to the UFO-feeling :)

  5. So beautiful - Helps that your model is gorgeous

  6. That is a gorgeous dress for a lovely little girl!

  7. This is such a lovely dress! My girls love dresses with pockets ... they are always collected bits and bobs and filling their pockets (my washing machine suffers though as I always forget to check and empty them!)

  8. Cute Serena. Yes lots of treasures usually covered in sand are emptied from our pockets!

  9. She is so cute!!! Adorable!


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