An Antoinette dress

March 02, 2015

I am determined to keep plugging away with finishing unfinished projects.  This dress was a bodice with no zip and just the skirt cut out when my sister delivered it to me in a bag.  We planned the dress together for her daughter Lucy and cut out the fabrics from the lovely Antoinette pattern by Nele from Spiegelstiksels (no longer available).  My sister ran out of steam with the dress and had too much on her plate.  I didn't actually have this on my 'to finish' list, but I dug deep into the basket and found this dress in pieces and decided to finish it.

I am really glad I did. I love how it turned out.  The light bodice and bright skirt and bow collar look really sweet, I think.

I don't know the names of the fabrics as they came from my sister and she has had them a while.

I really do love this pattern. It is so pretty and also unique.  I made one for Juliette last year in stripes which she wore all year and it always look beautiful on her - a very feminine design.  The back has a lovely 'v' but I did not get a good photo of Issie in this dress so you can check out Juliette's dress if you want to see.

I think my girls are pretty lucky.  Isabella came home from school today and I showed her this dress and told her it was hers.  "Thanks Mum!" She put it on right away and declared that she liked it. She played around in it in our backyard and wore it off to her swimming lessons this evening. I was satisfied to pile our three girls in the car headed to the pool and all three of them were wearing Mum made dresses.  I like that!

Thank you Nele for sharing your lovely pattern!

Are you as bad as me at starting and not finishing projects?  I am determined to put an end to my 'start a project, get excited about another project and not finish the first project'style sewing!

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  1. Beautiful dress! I just made an Antoinette party dress for my daughter too! I love this pattern!

  2. No better sight than seeing all 3 of your daughters together in handmade dresses. I can totally relate to that :) And yes, this is such a lovely pattern!

  3. Those pockets are amazing! I am trying (so hard) to finish up my pile of cut out patterns that have been sitting at my sewing table for months! Ack!

  4. Oh! I love this pattern! When will we find time to sew all patterns we like?!
    Great dress! gorgeous fabrics!

  5. I'm a huge fan of this dress ~ it has such unique details :)

    1. Me too. Thanks for sharing it with me

  6. I am also glad you finished it :) I love it when LM wears mummy-mades :)

  7. that's a lovely dress! I agree that the best feeling is noticing that your kids are entirely dressed by you, but knowing that no-one else would ever guess it!


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