Hello 2015 and a little yellow dress

February 13, 2015

Hello there! It has been a while since I have been around here! I blame Christmas/school holidays, a room renovation, house painting and feeling a bit overwhelmed with how many unfinished projects Ihave piled in my sewing room!  Time to tick some off....

This is another Blake dress, pattern by mingo and grace.  You can see three more I made more true to the original pattern here. For this dress, I gathered the skirt instead of pleating it and added a peter pan collar. This is size five on Juliette who sits between a 4-5 size wise. I used some recycled fabric that I found at the op shop. It is a lovely soft cotton shirting.  The collar and little pocket (hidden by folds in the pic above) are a lovely double gauze I bought from miss matatabi.

I really love buying second hand fabric.  I get so much satisfaction from making a dress for a few dollars and also from making something pretty from something that someone didn't want (and supporting charity at the same time!) In fact, I am putting it out there now that my sewing resolution for the year is that I am not buying any new fabrics this year. I will be using fabrics I already have and any I find at the op shop.  That said, if someone happens to buy me some Cloud 9 fabric that is currently in stock and looking lovely at Spotlight, or I happen to receive lovely fabric in the mail from a secret admirer, I am not going to refuse them. 

I love her gapped teeth smile! Emily totally photo bombed this one!

The back of this dress is very feminine I think with a slightly cut away arm scye.

I realise now after editing these photos that the one below is the only one where you can see the little pocket.

Juliette loves her new 'party dress' and I am glad she still loves wearing dresses. 

I hope to show you the rest of my half made projects soon -

  • A Lotta skirt for me from some bold Anna Maria Horner floral
  • A Nani Iro summer dress for Juliette
  • A teddy for a new baby 
  • A three quarter sleeve version of this design
  • An artistic representation of this dress
  • A dress adaptation of my Little Betty top pattern
  • A recycled Sunday picnic dress for Emily
  • A bed quilt for Emily

Yes I am very naughty at starting new projects.  I WILL not start a new project until this list is done!!

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  1. Gorgeous dress, perfect for Juliette! Love the sweet collar. Welcome back. I've been thinking of you and meaning to send an email. xx

  2. Yes, I been meaning to send an email too to see what you have been up to :) I LOVE the collar addition to the Blake pattern - so sweet!! You've made some magic with your op-shop find x

  3. You are the op shop finds queen! The dress is gorgeous. Love the addition of the collar. Juliette has such a warm smile :) And photo-bombing from Emily - bwaahahaha So glad to finally hear from you :) I was going to e-mail you to see how you were going :)

  4. That dress is perfection! I love using "found" fabric too!

  5. That dress is perfection! I love using "found" fabric too!

  6. Beautiful dress. I love the shape of the arm at the back. Very feminine. Yey to second hand fabric finds.

  7. that's e lovely dress, and the pictures are just great!

  8. Lovely to hear from you, such a pretty dress.

  9. Lovely to hear from you, such a pretty dress.

  10. I am do happy that you are back! And with such a cute dress... I can't wait to see all other projects you are working on!
    I should also not buy anymore fabric and just use what I have but I am not ready to make such a commitment. Maybe next year!

  11. Lovely dress for a sweet girl! So impressed by your target - only sewing with fabric that you already have in your stash, I too should aim for that! Great to see you posting again too. x

  12. Thank you for the welcome everyone:)

  13. That is a beautiful dress. I love the colours and especially with those big brown eyes. Gorgeous.

  14. I just love everything about this dress. But the collar most of all :-)

  15. Love that collar on it, and the gathered skirt, too. I look forward to seeing you tick away at that sewing list!

  16. Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl. Can't wait to see all these projects as you finish them.

  17. Hey Suz, This is perfect for lighter weight fabric. Thanks for highlighting the pattern's versatility.

  18. Suz, it's so beautiful! And I also love buying and using second hand fabric.


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