Sunday picnic dress BLOG TOUR: Näh-connection, Lollipop garden crafts and While she was sleeping

October 31, 2014

Three more LOVELY dresses for my Sunday picnic dress blog tour today!!  Annika, Yeka and Jenya are sharing their dresses. I love seeing these! For details on my pattern and for a 15% discount code, scroll to the end of this post.

Annika blogs from Germany at Näh-connection.  Annika is a lovely lady who started blogging fairly recently and her blog is colourful and fun!  I love the Lotta dress she made for Marte's daughter recently at the Abilmente fair.  And this outfit she made For Heidi's Roots series was amazing! Annika has used some beautiful Nani Iro for her Sunday picnic dress and I can't wait to see more!!  See here. Thank you Annika!

Yeka blogs from Lollipop Garden Crafts and makes gorgeous things for her two children.  How lovely is this shirt dress she made her daughter recently? Yeka was a super helpful tester for this pattern and ended up making three dresses!! I love them all and hope she will be sharing all three on her blog today.  Yeka makes How cool is this plaid dress? I love it! Head over to Lollipop garden crafts to see more! Thank you Yeka!

Jenya from While she was sleeping blogs from Victoria, Australia (YAY!).  Jenya was born in Russia but fell in love with an Aussie so now she lives here. I have met Jenya and her sweet daughter and they are both awesome!  Jenya is super nice and always keeps her daughters tastes and likes in  mind when she makes her clothes - what a nice Mum! Have a look at her cute little vest she made like I made Emily a little while back.  I can't wait to see more of this little bird dress made by Jenya. Thanks so much Jenya!!

Throughout the tour, you can receive a 15% discount on your purchase of my new pattern with the code: SUNDAYTOUR15.  You can purchase through my shop or through etsy (Aussie buyers can buy by direct deposit via etsy if you do not have a paypal account).  A full description of the dress and some more more photos are on my shop listing.

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  1. Thank you for taking time to design your beautiful patterns and make them available to us sewaholics :) This dress was a pleasure for me to make and for LM to wear :)


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