"Small and white, clean and bright, Edelweiss..."

October 15, 2014

Since I first saw Hey June's Edelweiss pattern last year, I loved it.  In fact, Jess from Craftiness is not Optional made the first version I saw for my When we were young series - here.  So cute!  I loved the delicateness of the design.  So more than a year later, I purchased the Edelweiss pattern and made one up for Juliette!

I will admit that I did have some troubles making up this dress.  My bodice just wasn't looking right and after emails back and forth with Adrianna, the pattern designer and co-author of the blog Crafterhours, we figured out that my printer had printed the pattern a whisker off scale which had thrown things out.  This dress is based on the measurements Adrianna forwarded me.  Thanks for your helpful feedback and problem solving Adrianna! 

If you have sewn this dress or intend to, you may be a little confused when you see that the combined back bodice pieces are quite a lot narrower than the front bodice piece.  I wasn't sure how it was going to come together, but when I tried it on Juliette, it fit her very well.  Adrianna's instructions are fantastic - all digitally drawn and the whole pattern is very professional.

I am proud to say that this dress was made entirely of second hand fabric (and lace).  I love op shopping (thrift shopping) and I found this beautiful piece of floral silk? last week which I immediately thought of in the Edelweiss bodice.  The crocheted beige lace was given to me by a friend years ago (thanks Inala!) and the blue floral cotton lawn came to me in the mail in a surprise package from another friend last week.  She had a bunch of fabrics in her cupboard that she had bought years ago and decided to send them down to me. Thanks Tee! The bodice is lined with a piece of cream floral sheet that I also picked up at the op shop (not visible).  The only thing that was not second hand were the two buttons that were in my button stash.  I love, love being able to make clothing for next to nothing and giving new life to second hand fabrics.

Juliette loves her romantic and floaty dress and has already asked to pull it out of the washing basket.  I did make a modification to the pattern - the lace is actually supposed to be a ruffled piece of fabric but I thought this lace suited the style of the dress perfectly. I plan on using this pattern again shortly to make a dress for a friend of Juliette's - this time I will shorten the dress length by about an inch.  The pattern also comes in tunic length. 

As you can see below, it is the perfect dress for dancing and swirling...

If you would like to buy a copy of the Edelweiss dress, you can head over to Adrianna's Hey June pattern shop!

I also love this song!

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  1. AAAHHHHHH. This is so pretty! And you're making me wish it was spring here, instead of autumn. Sigh. The lace is exquisite and look at that twirl! I'd want to wear that everyday too.

  2. So beautiful Suz! What treasures you have found!!

  3. I'm so glad it finally worked for you and I apologize again for all the issues it gave you!! It looks like it was well worth it though, your edelweiss is gorgeous! I really love that vintage lace.

    1. Glad you like it! My printer is behaving itself again now:)

  4. Gorgeous!!! Dress, girl and song!!!

  5. Darling dress for a darling girl :) Love the lace on this dress.

  6. Oh, it's so pretty on her!
    Love your fabric/trim choices - Everything is perfect (as usual).


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