FRIDAY FIVER: Debbie's birthday dress

October 17, 2014

I pinned the woollen dress above months ago as it reminded me of my pattern - Debbie's birthday dress. Today, Crafterhours have the discount code for you to receive the pattern for only $5 for the next 24 hours. Perfect timing for Kids Clothes Week beginning on Monday.  I have another DBD planned for next week inspired by one of Emily's favourite book characters. 

Today I whipped up a Dolce & Gabbana inspired DBD for Emily.

Debbie's birthday dress is a classic A-line dress with two views.  As many of you know it was inspired by one of my favourite childhood story books - Debbie's birthday party, illustrated by the great Marcel Marlier. It is a great beginner pattern (no zips or buttonholes!) and you can really make it your own with cute trims and adding bows, buttons, etc.  Have a look at the sewpony vintage flickr pool for some other lovely Debbie's!  

The fabrics I used are: vintage grey wool (given to me by a friend), green wool felt, brown velvet and some quilting cotton for the lining.  The buttons on the pockets are vintage too.  My dress cost about $5, while the D&G one is $413.33!!!

You can create the A-line without the centre seam of view 2 by simply omitting the central seam allowance and cutting your dress front on the fold. I added a chocolate brown bow to mine and two pockets instead of one.  My pocket size on this dress is smaller as had only just enough green woollen felt! Looking at the D&G version again, I might move the bow up a little to make it look a little more balanced.

To follow the link to the discount code, head over to Crafterhours! Thank you for the invitation Adrianna:)

Emily likes her new dress, but mostly, she just wants to be a puppy...

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  1. Man I really need to get my Debbie pattern out again! I like yours way better than the d and g dress.

    1. Oh thank you Tasha:) mine looks a little boxy as my wool is quite thick:)

  2. It's the wool one I've been dreaming of! Thanks for participating!

  3. I still love this pattern of yours so much (I would pick your version over the D&G one. And Emily looks super cute wearing it)!
    I sew my girl a navy wool version last season and now I regret not having a picture of it. She always got so many compliments when she was wearing it (I paired it with a white lace collar) :)

  4. oh that turned out soooo cute!! love everything about it! pinned!


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