Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 8: Rebekah Sews and Pattern Revolution

July 16, 2014

Today for my cosi swimsuit tour I am happy to introduce Rebekah from Rebekah Sews.  (Unfortunately, An from straight grain will not be able to join in today but I can't wait to see her cosi soon!).

I was in touch with Suzanne and Robin from Pattern Revolution asking whether they would like to review my pattern.  As it happens, Suzanne posted her review this can see her cosi here! If you don't follow Pattern Revolution, you should! They offer reviews of all the latest PDF patterns.  Thank you Suzanne! I love your tutu addition!!

Rebekah from Rebekah Sews is a pro pattern tester.  If you follow the PDF facebook group, no doubt you have seen Rebekah's creations before.  Rebekah made a gorgeous cosi for her sweet bubba splashing at her local creek. I loved seeing the cosis on little babes during my testing - it's great seeing how the suit sews up on different aged children.  You can see Rebekah's cosi here.

Thank you Rebekah!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until Friday 18th July. I am nearing 400 sales in my etsy shop - thank you to everyone who has already purchased one of my patterns - it makes me happy!

Please come back tomorrow to see what Ana Sofia has made (Rachel from nest full of eggs also sends an apology - she let me know a week or so ago but I had already created and published my calendar)!

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