Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 6: While she was sleeping and Nearest the pin

July 14, 2014

Welcome back to the second week of my cosi swimsuit blog tour.  Today I am sharing suits made by two local girls - Jenya from While she was sleeping and Renee from Nearest the pin.  Jenya and Renee both live in my home state and sew for their kids.

Jenya is a lovely girl who sews mostly for her sweet daughter, whom she refers to on her blog as Little Monkey.  Jenya was born in Russia but lives now in Victoria with her husband and daughter. Jenya recently hosted her first sewing series - You and Me, which celebrated mother and daughter. You can read the overview here. Jenya made her first ever swimsuit for this tour, and I must say, it looks like it turned out very well!!  Thank you Jenya and I look forward to having a better look. Head over to While she was sleeping to see more:)

Renee writes the blog, Nearest the pin.  She sews for her son and daughter and also lots for herself. I found Renee's blog last year and it always so nice to connect with someone who lives close by.  I have not yet met Renee, but hope to in the future.  How sweet is this polka dotted cosi Renee made for her duaghter?  I love the wall details too! Thank you for joining in Renee! Please head over to Nearest the pin to see more.

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until next Friday 18th July. 

Please come back tomorrow to see what Jessica and Karly have made!

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  1. Thank you for having me Suz :) I have had a lot of fun sewing my very first swimsuit :)

  2. Me too Suz!! Thanks for giving me the confidence to climb this sewing hurdle :)


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