A cocktail swing coat and Debbie's birthday dress...

June 20, 2014

I have been wanting to make Isabella a new winter coat for a while.  I received a very generous package from a friend's mother - a big box of vintage fabrics. One of my favourite pieces was this beautifully soft magenta wool.  There was enough to make a small jacket so I did a little research and decided on Heidi and Finn's Cocktail swing coat

The lining of the coat is a recycled scarf of mine which is super soft and a little slippery so perfect for lining.  The pattern is really easy to make up and it probably took me about two hours from printing the pattern to the finished product.  I have made three coats for my girls prior to this which helped in making it up. The last three I made were the Uptown girl pattern by Make it Perfect (check out a little Isabella with a very short fringe in this jacket - which Juliette now wears). You can buy Christine's pattern in the Heidi and Finn etsy shop - there are lots more there to peruse too!!

I decided to also share this Debbie's birthday dress I made.  Initially I made it to share in Vintage May last month, but it really clashed with Juliette's dress, so I ended up making another dress for Isabella for the series.  I found the awesome striped fabric at a local op shop shortly after I received the invitation from Kristin and Jess and probably would have passed it by otherwise. I extended the shoulder line to create a little extended sleeve.  I really love it. You can buy my pattern here.

If you haven't already noticed that Isabella has great dimples, here is a good demonstration!

The lining is perfect with this coat and Isabella has been wearing the coat all day. I stitched the button on with a little arrow.

Thanks Isabella for being Mummy's little model.  Even when it's cold...

...and now you have a jacket to keep you warm.


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  1. Isabella is simply gorgeous :) Her new coat is fabulous, and the dress is cool also :)

  2. Suz! I love this! The coat and the dress are both so nice! And I love the photos, too! Those dimples are adorable! The arrow stitching was such a nice touch!

    I got my swimming suit fabric and now I want to make 2 for each of my girls! I am waaaaay too excited about this. :) How long would you say each swimming suit takes?

  3. The coat and dress are both so pretty! And I love your wallpaper backdrop (Orla?), it's perfect for showing off clothes.

  4. Love the stripe placement on the dress and the cap sleeves. Beautiful! Love the coat, the color is so pretty!

  5. absolutely precious! The photos and the coat are perfect!

  6. So good! It's been so long since I've made a Debbie... I think another is in order!

  7. I love both the coat (especially the lining) and dress. And your daughter is just so beautiful! lovely post

  8. Soo cute!! I love that dress fabric, and the coat looks so cozy. She is just beautiful.

  9. The coat is amazing. Great job Suz! Your daughter is so adorable.

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  11. Creative momma. Good work ;-)

  12. That last photo could be used on a greeting card. Nice composition.


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