Guest post: From my mother to me...

May 12, 2014

Hi there! Today I am guest posting over at Victoria's blog, as it seams,  for her "From my mother to me", a series celebrating what the older women in our lives have taught us about sewing, and life in general!.  Yesterday was Mothers' day here in Australia, so I am really excited to share a bit about my wonderful Mum and how she inspires me every day.

Here is my beautiful Mum on her wedding day with my three Aunties - all four dresses were made by Mum at the age of 23.  So cool!  

To see more of my Mum's sewing and read more about her, head over to Victoria's blog. Thanks for having me Victoria:))

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  1. Hi Suz, these pics of your mum and the rest of the family are beautiful. It was nice to see Jules on her bday. keep up the great work. Beth

  2. Beautiful post suz...We have THE BEST MUM EVER. Xo


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