TESTER CALL: The Little Betty top and vest (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)

December 18, 2013

Thanks for those of you who expressed interest in testing my next PDF pattern - The Little Betty top and vest.  I am showing you the other two views today as well as linking up a tester application form.  I am having a long testing window due to Christmas.  I will have the pattern ready to be emailed out in the next 48 hours and feedback will not be due until Sunday 5th January - so about two and a half weeks to sew and give feedback. For more information about the pattern (including line drawings), please see the original Little Betty post linked above.

Isabella wears View A of the pattern - long sleeved with long cuff.  (You can see my youngest daughter Emily modelling View B of the pattern- short sleeved - here).

There is a button and loop closure at the back. The fabrics for both Isabella's and Juliette's tops are from Girl Charlee.

Juliette wears View C of the pattern - sleeveless....

This was a super quick photoshoot in the hot late afternoon sun today.  I am happy with the photos though...especially these ones!

If you would like to help me out by testing my pattern, that would be great!!!  I am hoping to recruit around 15 testers to test sizes 6 months - 8 years. This pattern is achievable for the confident beginner. Please only apply if you think you can make the garment and give feedback by the 5th January.  Also, I am looking for children who fit in to ready to wear in their age/size bracket (ie. aged 8 wears size 8, etc.).   You can apply by filling out the online form HERE.  APPLICATIONS CLOSED.
Thank you!!

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  1. I really love them both! I would love to test this great pattern for you... test form is on its way!

  2. Your girls look adorable in these photos!
    If only we could get more cute knit fabrics on this side of the Pacific!! Would you recommend Girl Charlee? I've been thinking of trying either them or Spoonflower.

    1. Hi Renee! Girl Charles are great but of course the postage is expensive:(

  3. i love the long sleeve version and the fabrics you chose. i never would have paired them like that yet i love it!

  4. What a *cute* top. WIsh I could apply but we are travelling and I can't get in the stuff by Jan 5th:-(. but the photos look great and your girls are adorable.

  5. This shirt is adorable! Love it.

  6. Love them - both the long sleeved and the sleeveless!

  7. LollyTot Designs would love to be a tester lollytotdesigns@hotmail.com.au Laurel Lainio

  8. Love the photos of Juliette and Isabella showing some sisterly affection :)

    I am looking forward to seeing all the gorgeousness the testers are gong to create :) My LM is custom sized, so I will be no help :)

  9. Aww, this is adorable! I especially love the long sleeved deer top! I'd love to test but don't think I can swing it with the crazy holiday season. Maybe next time! Congrats on the cute design! :)

  10. Argh I just love this one and good to see another knit pattern out there! Just signed up as a tester ☺️

  11. They are lovely photos!Just sent in my form too!

  12. Absolutely adore the pattern, I would love to test it for my little Lily.

  13. It's so gorgeous - and unfortunately I'm so late! Would have loved to test it :-)

  14. Congratulations on your new pattern, Sue!
    Looks like this will also be a winner :)

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