Project Run & Play: My signature style

October 03, 2013

At the eleventh hour I managed to finish and photograph this pastel striped dress to share in the Project Run & Play sew along for the final week of series 7.  The final week is My Signature style.  This dress took me hours - mostly because I photographed most of the steps along the way (which must be done when children are not around!!), since this dress is version 2 of my 'work in progress' next pattern.
When I think about what 'my signature style' is, I would probably say: feminine (because so far, two out of three of my girls have proven their girliness by refusing to wear 'boy pants'!!), youthful with a touch of vintage.  I think this dress encapsulates that.
Did you notice the scary shadow monster Isabella created?  She actually loves doing shadow creatures, so I will have to show her this one!
I really hadn't gotten as far as working out what I would sew for this week had I still been competing, but my entry would have included three dresses for my girls, possibly using this pattern.  I would have used more bold fabric choices if competing, but I loved this pastel stripe and didn't want to go out and buy something when I have plenty of fabrics in my newly organised crates of fabric. 

This version of my next pattern was made up in a vintage looking pastel stripe and has pastel aqua piped detailing.  I bought the fabric from a local quilting shop, but have lost the selvage ( really need to establish a system of recording the fabrics I use!).  Like the first version of my pattern (which you can see here), the dress features a v-shaped bodice, a central dress seam, pockets (these ones are rounded) and a deep hem.  I am happier with the rounded pockets than the rectangular ones.  I also achieved a more distinct 'V' with this version of the dress.

This version of the dress would also suit heavier fabrics as a winter pinafore (although something as heavy as denim would not gather well...perhaps velveteen or soft pinwale corduroy).

I had fun with the stripes, creating interest by cutting them both ways to complement each other.

The back features two violet vintage buttons from my stash.  They remind me of my Grandma's 'tiddliwinks' that I used to count and play with as a child!  The fabric also reminds me of matching tracksuit sets my Mum made me and my two older sisters when we were young!

I will be making the other couple of views of this dress/top in the next couple of weeks to show you.  I am aiming for an all seasons pattern so there are a few sleeve options, and also a collar option.

Have you voted for your favourite of the designer looks for this week?  They are all awesome this week I think.  Voting closes in less than 24 hours, so head here if you would like to vote!
If you would like to see more of 'my signature style' and purchase my pattern on sale, you can check out my most recent Debbie's birthday dress here!

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  1. That is so lovely Suz. I really like the way you've mixed up the stripes and added the piping. Looking forward to seeing the other views.

  2. Lovely Suz :) I think this dress shows your style rally well. Looking forward to seeing more versions of this dress :) I do like the rounded pockets better :) Oh and i LOVE piping :)

    1. Thanks Jenya:) I think rounded pockets is better too:)

  3. Indeed this dress translates your signature style so well: vintage, piping and so beautiful!
    Good luck :-)
    Can't wait to see more versions!

  4. So cute Suz! I love the v shaped bodice. This definitely represents your signature style! Can't wait to see more of this pattern!

  5. A lovely dress, Suz!!! I especially like the V shaped bodice and the piping.

  6. Oh, sweetness, Suz! Love those stripes against each other. No 'boy pants!' I love it...I have one like that too. ;)

  7. I'm so glad that you took part in all the weeks of PR&P.
    (and I'm looking to seeing your version of the Mara blouse pattern)

  8. Ah, Suz... I am loving this dress! Every detail from the stripes to the pockets is just perfect. I'm headin' over PR&P to vote...

  9. Love this pattern and I also have a girl who refuses to wear pants! The 2nd one is too little to decide if she will be a girly girl or a tom boy yet. I love the V at the front and the buttons at the back

  10. This is lovely! The v adds nice interest to the bodice, and I love the back too.

  11. This is adorable! I love that this pattern is really distinctive...but also leaves so much room to put one's own stamp on it. Lovely.

  12. Love this dress! It's gonna be great pattern. Looking forward to seeing it!

  13. Sorry... I mistakenly posted a comment above...Anyway,I love this dress! Love the stripes!

  14. Thanks guys! It is really great to get some feedback:)

  15. Oh so sweet! I love the colors of this- feminine but not super girly... Really great, Suz!

  16. Very sweet. I like the V. Excited to see this pattern shape up!

  17. What a cute dress! I jealous you are heading into summer, I can nver have enough of summer. :)

  18. I love how you played with the stripes!!! Beautiful dress...

  19. It is a beautiful dress. I really love the fabric and am jealous that your fabric is organized. I love your style.

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