October SECRET SQUIRREL...and some flickr loveliness

October 01, 2013

Today is the first of October...I know, I cannot believe how fast 2013 is flying by.  I have only just gotten used to writing the 2013 date and it is nearing it's end!! To celebrate the first of October, Secret Squirrel is ready to be unveiled for another month...Tasha sent Secret Squirrel off with these five acorns before settling in to have her baby son!

An and I have only been given one photo as a sneak peak of the outfit created by the October Secret Squirrel blogger.  I love using bias, have recently read The Little Prince, and like to consider myself fairly green....(as an aside, have you read that An had a baby girl last week?  A big surprise for most!!). 

Here is the sneak peak of the October blogger's outfit....I spy some Little Prince stars!!!

I am very excited to have a better look and can't wait to see what she has made!!  Click HERE to find out the next Secret Squirrel host!!!  And if you would like to host for next month, make sure you leave a comment on this bloggers post to let her know!!  There are some pretty cool prizes which you can read more about here and we would love to have you along!!


Here are some lovely sew along outfits created in the Secret Squirrel flickr group....

Tasha sewed along with the first five acorns for July Secret Squirrel at her fab blog, I seam stressed.


As did The Sewing Stash Challenge blog with a gorgeous mandarin collar inspired dress.

Victoria from As it Seams made this gorgeous striped dress with beautiful details for July SS...
An apprentice housewife sewed along with this fun outfit...
Another great creation by Lollipop Garden Crafts...
 This fun ensemble by Shino of Nutta!
 And the lovely Jenya of While she was sleeping (who only lives a couple of hours away from me) has been sewing along too.  Here is one of her creations...
To read more about each post and how these lovely sewers have incorporated the acorns into their creations, please click on the highlighted links.  And if you have sewed along for this month with Tasha' acorns, make sure you upload your pics into the flickr group so we can see!!
Thanks for sewing along guys!!  Your outfits are all great!!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Suz! I couldn't resist September's acorns, and have been sewing along again! But time/family/work etc mean it's not finished! I'm going to try to get some super focussed sewing done and get my Secret Squirrel outfit up there before another month slips by! This is such a fun series to seww along to...

  2. Thanks Suz :) I am loving SS :) I have 2 more dresses to make for the markets and then it is SS sewing time :)

  3. Thanks girls...glad you are enjoying and thanks for sewing along!!

  4. These are adorable!! What a fun roundup. :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my post over at I Seam Stressed. :) I was so pleased to see your name, I was CRAZY over your Debbie dress at last KCW, and I already have one cut and fabric for the other. Once I finish the first and see how the fit is on my girl, I'll be on it. So exciting.

    Take care!


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