Debbie's birthday dress BLOG TOUR - Day 9: La Inglesita

August 16, 2013

Hello... we are nearing the end of my Debbie's birthday dress blog tour.  I am so grateful to the ten lovely ladies who have sewn up my pattern so beautifully!!  Today I have the pleasure of having Maria from La Inglesita in Spain here to show you her take on my pattern. Maria is a hugely popular blogger in her home country (and indeed internationally).  Her sewing is beautiful and her writing is real and funny.  She writes both in Spanish and English (double the work).  Here is one of her recent makes...
Maria's blog is one that I have only recently got to know.  I am looking forward to seeing more...have a look at this sneak peak of her dress made for my tour and you will see why!!
Thank you Maria and I can't wait to have a better look over at La Inglesita!!

You can buy my Debbie's birthday dress pattern HERE.  Type BLOGTOUR1 at checkout to receive a 20% discount during my blog tour.  Only a one more stop...

Links to bloggers on tour:

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  1. I just popped over to take a look. What a lovely dress she has created with your pattern! I've never thought of using Ikea fabric for dresses before - hmm guess where I'm going shopping today?!

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