Secret Squirrel is on the move....

July 08, 2013

Secret Squirrel packed his bag and left Melbourne this morning.  Did he travel by car, by train, by plane or by boat?  You will have to wait until the 1st August to see who he will be visiting next!

If Secret Squirrel hasn't contacted you, we would love you to sew along!   Add your photos to the Secret Squirrel flickr group from the 2nd August - how exciting to see different interpretations of the same inspiration. What will you make with these five acorns of inspiration??
1. Tangerine; 2. Patch; 3. Anne of Green Gables; 4. Australia; 5. Something old.

An and I are working on some awesome prize packages which we hope to reveal next month.

Happy sewing!!

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  1. If you feel like giving away some of my shirt patterns, just let me know! Marte

    1. Ooh!! For sure! I would love to sew one up too!! :))

  2. Happy travels little Squirrel :) See you in August :)

  3. Those acorns are so inspiring! I have already started sewing something with them. I hope I can finish it on time...


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