Kids' clothes week - Patchy pants and an excuse to photograph little Emily!!

July 20, 2013

Here are a little pair of pants I whipped up for Emily today for KCW.  Emily does not feature as highly on my blog as my older girls, and she needs a bit more air time!!  She is not very good at taking directions and she would not stand up for the photos to see the pants properly, but I forgive her because she is so cute. 
 I made the pattern up - just traced around a pair of cords I had previously made and left out the crotch seam - so the pants are just two pieces.  The pants are made of a heavy duty jersey that I had in my stash. The knee patches are a Japanese lawn I have had for years.  I used some neon pink top stitching thread for fun. 
Hello Mama Bear! 
And hello little Emily!! So full of character, cheekiness, love and innocence...I love her so much!!!

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  1. Very sweet, both pants and girl!

  2. Oh yes, She's cute!
    (and the pants, of course, but I get distracted by adorable babies every time ...)

  3. Look at that gorgeous smile and eyelashes!! Oh she is gorgeous Suz :) Three gorgeous girls - what a blessing :) The pants are super cute and look oh so comfy :) Perfect for a little person :)

    1. Thankyou Jenya :) I am a very lucky mum!

  4. I love this "crotch less seam" pants! I would love to make a pair like this for Ines as she is a pants and shorts lover. I will have to ask you to give me some tips...

  5. Oh! she is so adorable! You have three beautiful daughters Suz... :-)

  6. Awww she's too cute! Love the pants.

  7. aw! sweet pants and a sweet girl!


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