Kids' clothes week - Debbie's birthday dress # 6

July 18, 2013

So this is the sixth (!) version of my pattern, Debbie's birthday dress, that I have sewed up.  My first is here, my second is here (then there were two I gave as gifts and did not photograph), my fifth here and now my sixth!  I wanted to see how the peter pan collar designed for View 2 looked paired with View 1. I accidently cut a size 4 collar for a size 3 dress which is why it is a little oversized, but oh well. 

I also wanted to try using a printed collar after seeing Erin's (one of my lovely pattern testers) and my sister's versions of view 2 - they both used a printed collar, which is not something I would have thought of - usually I go with a printed dress and plain collar.  I rushed this dress and didn't stay stitch under the collar so it is sitting a bit proud.  The emerald green is a cotton drill I had in my stash.  The spotted navy cotton is by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.
And how do you like my handy work on Juliette's hair?  I chopped it all off yesterday - about 20cm!  Isabella wanted me to save the hair to put on the 'craft table'.  She doesn't let me throw anything out!!
I think Juliette looks like a little Audrey Tautou in Amelie!

Have you checked out Sanae Ishida's versions of the dress? She was one of my testers and posted two gorgeous versions today on her blog.  One is tres modern, and the other is lovely and vintage.  Love your work Sanae!

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my pre-release pattern giveaway here.
Be sure to check out the awesome kids' clothes week website (it's like ravelry for kids's clothes - love it!) and blog for more kids' sewing inspiration!

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  1. She looks so stylish! I love that green and blue combo :)
    Heidi @

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  3. okay, I LOVE the emerald dress.... but her hair!! It's the hairstyle I've always wanted for myself :)

  4. adorable dress and little girl!!!! I love the collar.

  5. Oh, I love this green! And I looove the pop of that patterned collar. I kind of like the oversize-ness of it too. Very cutely styled with those socks and shoes. And the hair!!!! It looks fantastic. I have tried to heavily (heavily!!) bribe my daughter to let me do this to her hair. She runs away screaming something about long hair and princesses. So...did the hair wind up in any craft projects?? :)

    1. Thanks Monica! I don't think my older daughter would let me cut her hair, but Juliette has not reached the precious princess stage yet! Isabella conceded that keeping the hair For 'crafting' was not such and inspired idea... Too funny!

  6. So cute, Suz! And her hair is supercute :-)

  7. Love the color combo!
    It's precious and perfect on her :-)
    And I do love her hair cut (I also cut my girl's hair, but I wouldn't dare to try this style. It looks so difficult to get it right. You're amazing!)

  8. my daughter likes this version of the dress. the green, plus your daughter having the same haircut as her makes her happy. hehe

  9. My almost-three-year old (who also sports an Audrey Tatou inspired hairdo) just peered at this post on the laptop and said, "Who that girl? What that dress? I like dress like that. You make me?"

    I guess I better buy the pattern when it comes out :)

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