Zipper dress

June 14, 2013

I wanted to have a go at making an exposed (metal) zipper dress after seeing this beautiful one on Pinterest...

Since it is the beginning of winter here in Australia, I did not want to make mine as fitted as this one so that Isabella could wear it with tights and a long sleeved top.  I just took a few measurements of Isabella's chest and winged it.  I ended up adding a narrow panel beneath the zip as I wanted a right angle underneath the bottom of the zip.

I used navy fine corduroy for the bodice and a pretty Denyse Schmidt print (#DS16 Miss Eleanor) for the skirt.  The aqua zipper was thrifted for 20c.  Like it.


I made this last weekend and Isabella has already worn it twice to kinder.  She likes the fact that she can zip and unzip the dress herself - a bit of a novelty to have a zip at the front of her dress.

Isabella likes to try out her own poses for my photos!

Yes I was a bit mean getting Issie to pose in the beginning of winter without a top on...but I am usually the one trying to get her to put more clothes on!!  She was soon inside curled up with a cardi and our cat:)

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  1. It's adorable! (Isabella and dress)
    I do like your "winter" version - the zipper really makes this dress a winner :-)

  2. Your little girls are just gorgeous :) The dress is very cute!

  3. That dress is almost as cute as Isabella! hehe. I love that last pic :)

  4. oh, this will be so cute with tights and a long sleeve top! i love the little headband she's wearing too :)

  5. I LOVE zippers! I think they elevate all designs :-) Great dress, Suz!

  6. Adding the zipper was such a great idea!
    Beautiful dress and wonderful pictures!

  7. What a sweet dress! And even SWEETER poses!!! :-)

  8. I read your post last night and then read colleterie this morning and two ideas just fused beautifully- they show a1940s wedding dress with buttons down the front but... They're fake! They are just sewn over a lapped zipper! How great for little ones to dress themselves or even for big girls like me who want the look of buttons but not the fiddle of all those button holes. The idea blew my mind so I thought I'd share.

  9. I hadn't though of front zips as a easy was for kids to dress themselves. It opens a whole new world of options for my little ones and quite possibly three additional changes of clothes before we leave the house.


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