Umbrella Trimmings Softie

May 29, 2013

A couple of months ago I bought an Umbrella Trimmings pack intending to enter this competition.  The pack sat in my 'to do' pile for months, and with days to spare before the competition closes, I decided to finally make this softie.  The Trimmings pack is essentially a little pack of offcuts of random prints from the Umbrella Prints range. The pieces range in size from 3 x 15cm to about 10 x 12cm.  My pack started it's life looking like this...
Chop, sew, chop, sew, stuff, stitch...

My good friend had a baby boy on the weekend, and since I would make her a gift anyway, the trimmings pack was perfect for a little softie.  It has been ages since I have made a softie.  I made this one up as I went.  Yes he has pink on him and this is for a little boy, but this little boy has two older sisters, so he better get used to pink!  The only fabric that is not from the pack is the beige linen for the face.  The  nose is pink suede.

Umbrella Prints is a lovely South Australian screen printing business that make beautiful fabrics.  You can read about the competition in the link above.  I will be checking out the Umbrella Prints pinterest board over the weekend to have a look at some other creations.  The winner receives $300 of gorgeous Umbrella Prints fabric!  Fingers crossed...

Linking up with My Creative Space today.
**Sorry Umbrella Prints - the pic of the fabrics is not my best (taken with my old camera a few months ago).  The softie shows off the fabrics much more honestly! 

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  1. I love Umbrella Prints! Their scrap packs are lovely for small patchwork projects. I was planning to enter this competition then time just slipped away :( Next time! I will probably buy a couple of packs in the mean time - I've run out of my last pack. Your softie is just gorgeous - lucky baby!

    1. Thanks ros:) I was wondering if you were entering as I took the tip about the competition from you on fb:)

  2. I love it. Your friend and her children are very lucky.

  3. I love your softie, Suz! The little guy is full of sweetness and those lovely prints are to die for!

  4. i love everyone of those prints-and you have done them justice-thats a cute wee critter x

  5. That is so so cute! Fantastic job!

  6. you truly are sewing up a storm at the moment!! very cute creature and fabric xx

  7. Thank you for entering and your sweet comments he/she is a very cute gift and sure to be loved! xxx


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