Kid's Clothes Week - Day Two

April 23, 2013

For day two of Kid's Clothes Week, I recycled a ladies top I found at my local oppy (Opportunity Shop for non Aussies!). 

After some chopping, sewing and overlocking, I made a top for Juliette.  I was poking through my ribbons/embellishments draw looking for something to add to make the top a bit more interesting.  I was excited to discover a little lace peter pan collar (not sure where I acquired it from!).  Perfect.  A couple of little white buttons and I think this top is pretty sweet! 

I intended it first for Issie, which is why it is a little big for Juliette.  But when Juliette looked over and saw me ironing it, she said, "Dis one for me?" How could I say no...

Project details:
Pattern: drawn from top
Materials: recycled women's top
Cost: $2.00
Time taken: 50 minutes

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  1. love, love, love this! It is totally adorable! Lace collar is so sweet. I want one in my size!!

  2. That's so clever!
    I do love the color and the lace collar is amazing!
    How could she resist this one?

  3. Oh what a gorgeous girl, and a gorgeous jumper! I have a jumper I would like to turn into a dress for my little one, but I am not sure how to sew it with out killing it hahaha Would you mind to share any tips? Please pretty please :)

    1. Hi jenya:) I would only cut it if it is a fine knit that won't come apart when cut. Sew with smaller stitch length and overlOck and you should be right!!

  4. Oh this is good! The colour is just beautiful and the collar is the perfect finishing touch.
    Unfortunately I don't have time this time around for KCW but it's so good to be following bloggers who do!

  5. That is brilliant!! Love the colour, and the collar and buttons are perfect. Op shops definitely provide good bargains when you can chop and change things! I need to go op shopping more often.

  6. oh yay...I love this! its so clever and cute and thrifty!!

    nice to see you back xx

  7. Oh, this is so sweet! I love the soft yellow with the white lace collar, and the buttons finish it off perfectly. She is adorable!

  8. So sweet! I love the lace collar!

  9. Wow - I love the top so much. And your girl is too cute. I can't imagine making something so quickly for that little money and have it turn out beautiful.

  10. So pretty! Love the lace collar.


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